Iobit Toolbox is a Portable Utility Software That Allows PC Diagnose, Maintenance & Repair at Anywhere, Anytime

I have a collection of utility software which I store in my USB drive and when someone’s PC needs it, I will install and run them for diagnostic purposes. I have no problems whatsoever with taking time to install software, but I think that a better solution would be to have a set of portable tools in one single utility software which would do the job without requiring an install or leaving traces behind a user’s PC.

Here’s Iobit Toolbox: one of the recommended solution for PC technicians and geeks out there. At approximately 15MB in size, it houses over 20 dedicated tools that help technicians and geeks with common diagnostics such as system maintenance, obtain system information, optimize PC performance and repair PC problems. It is free, and it is portable! Although it features lots of settings that can be done with the built-in Control Panel, it is nevertheless, a working piece of portable utility bundle.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about this software is that it allows user to customize its logo and title. Iobit has included with the software, a tutorial teaching users how to change the toolbox’s title and logos to suit the user. Also, it allows user to run tools independently, meaning to say that you don’t have to access the main GUI to run each different tools you wanted, which is very convenient.

Iobit Toolbox runs on Windows XP, Vista and 7. It runs on 32-bit PCs, but I’m not sure if it runs on 64-bit. If someone tested this tool on a 64-bit computer and it is working, do make a comment for others to refer to.

Download Iobit Toolbox v1 HERE


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Is there such athing as a 32-bit Download of Iobit toolbox?

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