[Update] Giveaway: Idoo File Encryption Pro 5.1 With Free LifeTime Upgrades

[UPDATE-2] There are three winners whom email addresses are needed to deliver licenses. Read update at the end of article. [/UPDATE] [UPDATE-1] Find your name in the list. The list is shown at the end of article. [/UPDATE] You are a student or mmm businessman or mm employer or mmm let’s say employee and you use computer for your job or after job. OK! whatever your profession is, if you use computer, it is sure that you have some important data and most probably secret data which you do not want to get stolen by any means. You may also want to hide it from others living with you and have access to your computer. Your life is your personal and no one else, except whome you allow, should poke your life. And the same applies to your data which is personal and should not be accessed by others unless you allow.

One form of data protection is to encrypt it with world standard strong algorithm and lock it from improper access and also hide it from spy-eyes. For your data with security of encryption and hidden from others, we have Giveaway of 10 Licenses of Idoo File Encryption 5.1 Pro With Free LifeTime Upgrades. You data can be in files arranged in folders and stored on hard disk. With Idoo, you can secure your data at all of these three levels. Encrypt Files, then lock it and then hide it. Now Encrypt the folder where the file was, lock it and then hide it. Need more security? If you want you can do the same with hard disk drive.

Idoo File Encryption 5.1 Professional is quite easy to use. Useing Idoo will not be a burden for your brain. You only need to remember one master password to login the program. Then go to the respective section for the action which you want to do. Select the source, chose your action and apply it. That’s all. You are done. Do you think this process is lengthy? OK! right click on the file, folder or drive which you want to encrypt or lock or hide, in the menu you will see and option of Idoo File Encryption and further it will show you more options. Chose your action, Idoo will ask your password once and that’s all. Your chosen action has been implemented on respective file or folder or drive.

There is one problem which I have seen in many data encryption software is they do not have virtual keyboards. If your computer security is already compromised, you better think about good AntiVirus and Firewall. Well, of course you can participate in this Giveaway: Idoo File Encryption 5.1 Pro With Free LifeTime Upgrades.

  • Hide Data : hide your private files folders drives, to make them completely invisible to users programs.
  • Lock Data : The locked files/folders/drives , can not open, read, modify, move, delete, copy, rename.
  • Protected : files/folders without password. Files and sub-folders in a locked folder are also protected.
  • Encrypt Data : It can encrypt files and folders of any type.
  • Portable Encryption : packs and encrypts a folder into an executable (.exe file) with AES encryption.
  • Safe Delete : No one can recover deleted data from your disk if you secure delete it.
  • Password Protected : there’s no other way to run or unstall it if you have not the password.
  • Easy to Use : A very easy to use program with user-friendly interface.

You can read more about Idoo File Encryption 5.1 Pro Here:

1: Giveaway participation is easy. Just one comment is enough. Once you submit the comment, wait for its approval. Sooner or later your comment will show up so do not press panic button.

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3: This Giveaway: Idoo File Encryption 5.1 Pro With Free LifeTime Upgrades is only limited to 24hrs. It will last till Dec 27, 2011. 2400GMT. Any comment after that time will not be counted. Winner will be announce not later than 10 days from the day of close of giveaway. Licenses will be emailed to winners with in 3 weeks from tomorrow.

We will use Random.org for the selection of winners. Wish you good luck.

[UPDATE-1] Below is the randomized list of all participants. Random.org was used to generate randomized the list. Top ten emails/names/addresses in the list are winners. [/UPDATE]

[UPDATE-2] The following friends needs to send me their emails. Please do it asap. [/UPDATE]

  1. Test Share
  2. Sultan Omar
  3. J. Valloso
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