Congratulations Perti, you have a new and strong laptop. Core …

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Congratulations Perti, you have a new and strong laptop. Core i7 wow !

Core i3: 2 cores 4 threads
Core i5: 4 cores 4 threads
Core i7: 4 cores 8 threads

I’m a AMD fanboy! I’m using AMD Athlon 64 X2 4000+ and love it.
Do you hear about the AMD FX 8 Cores ? It’s real 8 cores or 4 cores 8 threads ?

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Oh, my country! Welcome to Vietnam!
Kaspersky sell with a cheap price in my country
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Hi Perti! How are you ?
This giveaway is from Computelogy \’html/computelogy2015/\’, wow!
for along time you didn\’t update your blog :d, blog\’s font hard to read :p

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Free Fullversion TuneUp Utilities 2012 Genuine Key Code [Updated]
Thanks Perti! Now TuneUpUltilities 2012 & Cccleaner are on my computer 😀

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without antivirus software on my old PC for best performance =))