A Handy List of Free Online AntiVirus Scanners

A computer without any AntiVirus is like a house without guards or doors. AntiVirus has the same importance as house guard has. All AntiVirus are not of same capability. Some are strong and others are stronger. The remaining are strongest. Whatever, it is impossible for any AntiVirus to protect you 100% from eThreats. This means you need two parallel installed AntiViruses.

Here is the problem. There are 98% chances that your computer will crash if you have two or more AntiVirus installed at the same time in one computer. Then how to protect your from eThreats? To solve this problem, different companies provide free Online AntiVirus Scanners. These scanners can not provide you real time protection from eThreats but onDemand scanning makes it clear the security condition of your computer.

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