Save $104 – Get Free 15 Premium Android Apps For Limited Time

I have shared freebies from Apple App Store on many occasions and every time you were able to get free tens of iOS apps for your iPhone and iPad. But this time, Android users can also enjoy a big freebies deal. Amazon AppStore has published 15 premium paid Android apps which are free at the moment. It is a surprise because on regular routine, Amazon gives away only one app during 24 hours. Whatever, get ready your Android device to this rain of freebies from Amazon AppStore.

Get Photo Editor by Aviary Free With ALL in-App-Purchases for Android & iOS Devices

To get all photo editing tools available in Photo Editor by Aviary, you need to have an Adobe ID. If you don’t have one, you can create it through Photo Editor by Aviary’s interface. Once you logged in with your Adobe ID and download any or all plugins/tools, they are yours forever said by them.

Download Photo Editor by Aviary from Google Play Apple AppStore (download links given below) on your device, install it and open it. After opening photo editor, at the upper left corner you will see three parallel horizontal lines.

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