Free License Avira Internet Security 2012 Valid For 6 Months

Yesterday Avira released Internet Security 2012 and Free AntiVirus 2012. Avira’s free AntiVirus has scored 99.5% in test and marked as ADVANCED+. Avira Internet Security 2012 is using the same AntiVirus engine which is being used in its free AntiVirus 2012. This means you have same security again Viruses, Spywares and all Malwares. But Internet Security has more features like Firewall, Parental Control, Mail Protection, Web Protection, etc. Just for the clarity that old name of Avira Internet Security is Avira AntiVir Premium Security Suite. This old name always felt strange. The new name is more reasonable and easily identifiable.

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Avira Free AntiVirus 2012 Released With Better Control And New Interface

Avira Free AntiVirus is one among the most trusted free security software for computers. In recent AntiVirus test at, it ranked higher than many shareware scoring 99.5% by defeating freeware as well as shareware AntiViruses. G DATA AntiVirus (shareware £30) was the only one which stood first with 0.2% high score than Avira’s 99.5%. This a very little difference can be recovered with some free AntiMalware.

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New AntiVirus Test Results Declares Best and Worst AntiMalwares

At this time of the year, almost every security software vendor has released their new line of security products for 2012. Most of them are claiming the crown: highest detection rate of Malwares, low false positives, speedy scans, zero-hour threat detection and removal, low resource consuming, easy navigation, bla bla bla. There is always one thing clear, how big the claim is, current and previous performances will not have much difference. The famous AntiVirus testing company has published its test results for 20 different AntiVirus vendors. The test has three levels: Standard, Advanced and Advanced+.

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Get Free Avira Premium Security Suite 10 For 6 Months

It is over 6 hours since kimlanvn messaged me about this new promo of Avira Premium Security Suite 10 valid for 6 months. I mean, the license code is valid for six months from the day of issue. Thank you kimlanvan for the info. Avira has one among the best AntiVirus and AntiSpyware detection rate and always stands top among security software vendors. And this is always very lite on system resources. I do not trust its firewall but ShieldsUp! shows that it is trustable.

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Behold, The New Avira Free is Released…With New Looks, New Features & New Performance!!!

Avira is popular in the antivirus industry thanks in no small part to its lightweight performance, high detection rate and free-for-use version, dubbed ‘Personal Edition’ in the market. After months of beta testing for the Avira Premium Security Suite v10, it is finally released – and a remarkable release too.

The new Avira antivirus spots a slicker and enhanced interface, new set of features, optimized performance and it is still free. I downloaded a copy of it and evaluated it immediately even though i have Avast! installed on my PC (though it is not advisable, i realized that the latest version of both Avira and Avast! worked pretty well together!).

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Avira Premium Security Suite: Free 3-Month Genuine License Key!

 Been busying preparing for Chinese New Year, but then this is an offer i could not resist skipping through here. You see, under a few hours ago, Avira made another promotional offer, this time users can get a free valid three-months worth of Avira Premium Security Suite‘s license key. Avira Premium Security Suite is the best protection Avira could offer to users, so best to take your chances now!

And trust me, there are relatively few offers from antivirus vendors nowadays, and Avira is as kind as to offer us one! (Be reminded that Avira is a pretty decent antivirus!).

To get the free 3-month license key:

1. Visit the Avira Online License Page, where the promotion is held.

2. Fill out the online form. The information can be anything but the e-mail must be valid.

3. Press the ‘Request Your License Key‘ button after you complete the form.

4. Avira will send a 3-month license key to your mail (remember to check your junk inbox).

5. Download Avira Premium Security Suite, install and apply the license key.

That’s it! You are now protected by Avira Premium Security Suite for 3 months!

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