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Knight – Fight with Dragon is a mobile virtual reality game. In game, you will become a knight in Middle Ages. You will see beautiful buildings like real. You can throw darts with people, and you can go out of the room and fight with other knights. When you defeat all the knights, you can try to challenge the dragon! The game doesn’t need any extra devices, you only need your head to finish all operations. Fight for your honor and glory!

Rotate your head to communicate with the other things. You can rotate your head and gaze at the door until it is opened to go out for fight. When you fight with a knight, staring at him will increase speed to help you defeat him. When you and the knight are close, you need to stare at the red point to hit the weakness point. When you fight with the dragon, please watch out the fire!

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** Beautiful scenes and characters like real
** Fight with knights and dragon!
** Enjoy the fun of a hero with honor and glory
** A lot of optimization for VR


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