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Scrum provides a framework that allows developers to work toward a vision, and the opportunity to shift direction as the environment changes without feeling torn away from focus. Scrum is one of several techniques for managing product development organizations, lumped under the broad category of agile software development. Agile approaches are designed to support iterative, flexible, and sustainable methods for running a product engineering organization. Why is Scrum great for organizations that develop websites and mobile software? Because the focus on developing cohesive, measure features that can be:

  • Estimated relatively
  • Tracked easily
  • Adapted quickly to changing market conditions

Scrum allows teams to develop an improved ability to estimate how much effort it will take to produce a new feature in a relative way, based on the work involved in the features they’ve developed before. it allows the full resources of the team to be applied when and where they can do the most good, and to work together in a sustainable and productive way.

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