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Kill Procrastination app interface

The developer of the this app Kill Procrastination is claiming to be the victim of habit delaying important tasks. So he developed this app to help himself as well as others. I have downloaded it just right now and would see how it can help me. I am writing this article while also trying to use the Kill Procrastination app.

I am suffering from procrastination for a long time. I am alway very tense till the deadline of the task. I found that the main reason is that although I am willing to finish all the task on time. But I am lazy to make the plan for tasks. So I wrote this app to help me arrange the tasks. Just throw the tasks into this app. Then just set the completion of yesterday and see the tasks of today when you open the app in the morning. Follow the plans you will finish all the tasks on time. [GP] 

The first good thing about this app Kill Procrastination is it does not needs any permissions to work. This means, it will not try to connect with any server to send or receive the data. Of course, if you install from Google Play, GP will keep the track of version number and will do updates when released.

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When you open the app, you will see a message asking you to set the daily working hours and holidays. Setting working hours is easy but setting holidays is bit tiring task. There are countries which have lots of government holidays in a year other than weekly Saturday and Sunday. So, setting all the holidays is time consuming. The developer should think about it.

The interface of Kill Procrastination is very user friendly. The background is white with black text. The command menu can be found at bottom and not cluttered. You can easily understand everything.

Now let’s feed some task data. Click the Task button so that I can feed some tasks. Nope, it cannot be. I cannot feed any text in the boxes on Tasks interface. In fact, clicking on any textbox does not launch keyboard or voice input or any other input.  if I cannot feed the task data, how can I use the app. The image in the start is from GP, but this interface was where I could not launch the keyboard and feed the text.

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I am stopping the further test here because writing more about this app will be useless as it does not deliver the promised features. I will update this article once the app will start working.

BTW, the app normally costs €2.1 but free for next 5 days. If the app is not working should not cost any dime at all.

I used my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and Pipo M8HD to test the app.

Kill Procrastination
Kill Procrastination
  • Kill Procrastination Screenshot
  • Kill Procrastination Screenshot
  • Kill Procrastination Screenshot
  • Kill Procrastination Screenshot
  • Kill Procrastination Screenshot
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