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Internet is full of information and anything can be found with a few clicks within seconds. These few seconds served can also found the help needed by any computer user. But sometime there is some problem cannot be searched on internet because there is no information available, Or some special need is on urgent. In this case, may a remote access software helpful. LiteManager Pro is a tool designed to do remote computer help.

I have used TeamViewer a couple of times helping my relatives remotely to solve their computer problems. That was a good experience. LiteManager works on the same grounds like TeamViewer and provides remote access to other computers.

“[LiteManager] program uses the most advanced technologies and key exchange protocols (2048-bit RSA signature key and 256-bit AES session key)”.

It can be used for remote support on internet as well as on intranet.

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  • Remote control / Remote viewing.
  • File Transferring.
  • Remote task manager
  • Power management.
  • Text chat.
  • Telnet.
  • Device manager.
  • Screen recorder.
  • Network map.
  • Connecting with a dynamic IP.
  • Remote installation.
  • Server search.
  • RDP.
  • Registry editor.
  • Remote installation.
  • Callback connection.
  • Cascade connection.
  • Network map.
  • Server search.
  • Event log.
  • IP Filter.
  • NoIpServer.
  • Capture sound.
  • Drag & Drop.
  • Support multi monitors systems.
  • Locking the screen and keyboard.
  • Protection options with a password.
  • Support system clipboard.

LiteManager Pro is general giveaway from the official team. This giveaway includes all the future updates and upgrades. There is no limit in registering the key. Register it as many times as you can.

License: 93A0396323449F1d7364dE6c9e75c39F3U2JhhQDRKyhFM3SYVUc+IoYy5d4UQHtzTbcziw0cp0=


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