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Unity is a cross-platform gaming engine developed by Unity Technologies. It is being used in development of video games for PC, consoles, mobile devices and websites. If you notice on Google Play, you will find more games developed using Unity engine comparatively. Almost 2 million developers are using Unity to develop their games for Android, iOS, PC, Mac and Websites.

A user experience is what keeps user in the game. If the user get bad experience, the engagement will be less. Polishing the interface is great but the engine running the game should be accommodated by hardware. You need to learn what changes are necessary while optimizing the game. There are lots of details which are unnecessary in a game but those are there. The book Unity 5 Game Optimization tells what you should do.

If you are an intermediate or advanced game developer using Unity, you can master performance optimization for Unity3D applications with the tips and techniques explained in the book Unity 5 Game Optimization. This book will help you to maximize the performance of your game by focusing on different factors like hardware and software.

  • Chapter 1: Detecting Performance Issues
  • Chapter 2: Scripting Strategies
  • Chapter 3: The Benefits of Batching
  • Chapter 4: Kickstart Your Art
  • Chapter 5: Faster Physics
  • Chapter 6: Dynamic Graphics
  • Chapter 7: Masterful Memory Management
  • Chapter 8: Tactical Tips and Tricks
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