Free Unlimited OkayFreedom VPN Secure Data Plan

You think that you have a right to keep your personal information safe and secure. I agree you do have rights. Privacy is a big issue in this world. I just wonder we still want our privacy secured when Google and Facebook know everything about us. We feed these crocodiles knowingly and then complain that our privacy is intruded. So, if you are Facebook or Google or Apple lover, you do not need to read more. The following part is for people who really considers privacy is important. And for them here is Free Unlimited OkayFreedom VPN Secure Data Plan for one year.

[UPDATE: new promo click here] Open the following web address into your browser and fill the short form. Finally, press the blue button Abschicken.

1: Type your email

2: Click the checkbox to verify your are human

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3: Press Abschicken button to request the license code.

The page will redirect itself and on the new page you will be informed to check your email. Check your email from OkayFreedom. You will have registration code for OkayFreedom there.

Download OkayFreedom from official website, install it and register it with the code.

The original promo of OkayFreedom can be found here.

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