Fair Comparison Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Nexus 6 Lumia 1520 OnePlus One iPhone 6 Plus LG G3

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Nexus 6 Lumia 1520 OnePlus One iPhone 6 Plus LG G3 computelogy 800

By now, you may have read a lot of articles comparing different smartphones and definitely most of those articles are always talking about Samsung and Apple smartphones. In between, you may have also found some other good smartphone comparisons from Sony, Nokia (dead?), LG and others. But most of the reviews are biased.

It is very hard to find unbiased review of any smartphone now a days. I have read a lot of articles which pretend to be unbiased but in reality those articles are biased. The most used technique is the article starts with normal tone, after first paragraph, the writer’s real mentality starts showing itself and it takes only two small paragraph to know what will be said in the remaining article. I have tried a number of times to disclose biased writing here and here. Since then, I was looking for something true and natural view and I have found one which you can see in the following video where you will see a fair comparison between Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Nexus 6, Lumia 1520, OnePlus One, iPhone 6 Plus and LG G3. If you have read or seen any unbiased comparison, let me know in comments.

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