How to Force Google Chrome to Translate Web Page

Google Chrome is not doubt the most used web browser now a days, thanks to Android which is being used by almost 80% of all smartphone users. But Chrome is popular as well on Windows, Mac and Linux. This is only because of its strong protection against eThreats and adoption of new web standard. One reason for which I use Google Chrome is the built-in web page translation feature.

I need to update my knowledge every now and then and because of this I spend some of my daily time reading such websites which are not in English. I need to get those non-English web pages translated into English and Google Chrome’s built-in translation feature does this all for me. This saves me some precious time by not letting me copy and past the URL into Google online translator. My laptop hard disk died two weeks ago and I have to buy a new one. On using Google Chrome after the installation of Windows 8.1, I noticed that Chrome is no more offering non-English web page translation into English though the option was enabled in Settings. Unfortunately, if Google Chrome does not offer you translation of web page, you cannot force it but yes! there is a little workaround to get the translation done.

My default computer language is US English. If your default computer language is different, you can change word English to your language like Chinese, German, French, Spanish, Hindi, Urdu, Swedish, Finnish, etc. Google Chrome translation will be offered to your default computer language. In my case, it is English.

When Google Chrome web page translation feature is working or enabled, you can see this small icon google-chrome-grey-icon-translation in the address bar. I did not have it.

After translation, the small icon will be blue and look like this google-chrome-blue-icon-translation.

When this Chrome translation feature is working properly, you will see these images. First one is asking you if you want the web page to be translated:


If you click on Options in the above window, you will see the window shown below. Here you can see Google Chrome identifies Page language and offer you to get it translated into your language. If Page Language is identified wrongly, you can change it if you know which language is it. You can also change the Translation language. If you want the page should always be translated and you do not want it to do by yourself, you can check the box just before Always translate. Clicking on Language settings will take you to Chrome Settings->Languages.


When Google Chrome has done translation, you can see the message like this:

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Unfortunately, I do not know why? but Google Chrome did not offer me any translation. As I said, if it does not show you translation window, you cannot get this window. But there is a little something which you can do. Just do mouse right click on the web page which you want to be translated, a menu will show up. Click on Translate to English. Here you can see some other language name if you set translation language other than English.


Now, I am sure, you will never waste your time trying to get the translation window if it does not appear by itself.

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