[Android, iOS, Windows] Free FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Available to Download

The time has come again with a news for Football fans: Eelectronic Arts released the new FIFA 15 Ultimate Team which is free to download and play but there are also in-app-purchases. I downloaded it a few days back and I am enjoying it just like I did FIFA 14. I am sure you will also enjoy it just like previous ones.

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team has more than 10,000 payers and 500 teams. There 30 real leagues and stadiums just to give you the feel of reality. You can build your dream team.  During tournaments, games and matches, you can earn, trader and collect great players. Each player comes with maximum natural abilities just like in real life.


Unlike previous releases, EA SPORTS released FIFA 15 for all three major smart OSs (Android, iOS and Windows Mobile). I think, this is a good move from EA Sports from the marketing point of view. They know Android dominates samrt devices, iOS is 2nd and Windows Mobile is gaining popularity though bit by bit. With this combined release, they are hopping to keep everybody happy and gain market share.

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Android: Open Play Store on your Android device, search FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, download it, install it and enjoy the game. Web link is here


iOS: Open iTunes on your iOS device, search FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, download it, install it and enjoy the game. Web link is here


Windows Mobile: Navigate to Windows App Store, search FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, download it, install it and enjoy the game. Web link is here


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