Defragmenting Single or Multiple File or Folder Using Piriform Defraggler & O&O Defrag Tools

Just a few days back, I have shared how you can get free O&O Defrag 15 Professional Edition. A friend Shaun has asked if we can do defragmentation of single file or folder based on file format. So, instead of just talking about O&O Defrag, I have also included Piriform Defraggler. If you do not know Piriform, sure you know about CCleaner which is being developed by Piriform team.

While I was checking O&O Defrag options and its help file to find the answer to Shaun’s question, I thought to share Defraggler from Piriform which has the same feature and it is available as freeware. Sorry, to say that there is no way if you can only defrag only a certain type of file. You can defrag single folder as well as multiple folders just like a single file or multiple files by selecting each file or folder. And if you defrag main folder, all the sub-folders will automatically be defragmented.

First let’s see Piriform Defraggler (Freeware) and then O&O Defrag 15 Professional.

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Piriform Defraggler

There are two ways to accomplish single file or folder defragmentation task in Piriform Defraggler.

1: Open Defraggler, go to main menu and click on Action. The menu will open, there you can see two functions: Defrag Folder and Defrag File. Choose the one which you needed. Then select the file or folder from the browse window for defragmentation.

Defraggler Action Menu
Click to enlarge it.

2: Right click on any file or folder, which you wanted to be defragmented, the Context Menu will open. Move cursor to Defraggler, a sub-menu will open. Select the function Defragment. To have Context menu option, you can select it during Defraggler’s installation or from Settings (menu).

Context Menu Defraggler and O&O Defrag
Click to enlarge it.

You can select multiple files and folders at one time to do this operation. Unfortunately, I cannot see if there is any option to defragment one type of files only at one time but if you select one type of files manually.

O&O Defrag Professional

There is not straight way to defragment a file or folder in O&O Defrag Professional. Yes, you can do but have to navigate through Settings.

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Open O&O Defrag Professional, go to Settings, find it in ribbon menu. It has gear icon. Go to File tab. Under this tab, there are three more tabs where you can tell which files should be included or excluded from defragmentation. You can also select files to be excluded from defragmentation based on its size.

O&O Defrag Professional Settings
Click to enlarge it.

One strange thing was whenever I tried to defrag a file or folder with O&O Defrag Professional, it started checking all the drives instead of that particular file or folder. Well, you can still check O&O Defrag option in Context menu.

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