9 Google Reader Alternatives for PC, Android, iOS Devices

Today, Google Inc. has announced the closing date July 01, 2013 for world’s famous RSS reader Google Reader. It is a surprised movement, at least for me if not for you. Though, in previous years Google has closed many of its projects but I was not hoping for this shocking shutting down news of Google Reader. I have subscribed for more than 200 RSS feeds and I do not think any other feed reader can handle RSS reader duty as smoothly and perfectly is being done by Google Reader.

Google Reader Not Available

People, more precisely can be called paid promoters, are presenting Facebook and Twitter as Google Reader’s alternatives. I do not know why they are doing so, why they do not understand the main difference between the job of an RSS reader and promotional platforms. RSS reader is hidden inside your account. No body else knows what comes into your RSS feeds. Your RSS feeds are behind the curtain. Facebook and Twitter are public with minimum to no privacy. Yes, I am talking about yours and mine privacy. I hope to have a really good service like Google Reader sometime soon.

Below is a list of 9 Google Reader’s alternatives which can be used on Android, iOS and PC. I have not tested all but some like Google Current, Feedly, FeedDeamon, etc. I am currently using Google Current for my Galaxy Phablet II and FeedDemon for PC. I have also written the platform name in front of reader’s for which the reader is available.

  • The Old Reader: [Web]

Do you know some other good RSS Reader? Help me to tell others.

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