2697 Video Tutorial For Programmers to Watch and Learn

[Update-2: 15-03-2015][Update-1: 25 Oct, 2014 1953] Even today, most of the knowledge is spread by books, though we have other means of learning like audio, video, etc. Still books is the biggest medium to learn things but reading books takes a lot of time which we do not have. So, we got audios and videos to learn things. This new medium of learning saves time and when it is available online free of cost, we save money, too. More than 2697 Video Tutorial For Programmers to Watch and Learn programming.

Programming Language Textbooks
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Most of my life, I read books and papers to learn different things. But now, I prefer to listen audio or watch video to save time, though still keeping relation with books. When I bought my first Galaxy Note II a.k.a Phablet II, I developed interest to know more about Android and thought to learn some programming. Not having enough time to read books, I googled and found a very interesting website where they have 200 Android programming video tutorials at the moment. Not only this, you can find 2697 other video tutorial for many other useful things.


Previously, I shared a website where you could learn C++ programming video tutorials but now here is much more. At the moment, there are 2697 video tutorial to help you learn almost 60 different fields. These video tutorials are for novice who wants to learn from basics to become advanced but at the same time advanced persons can be benefited as these video tutorials can be used as reference for quick access.

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These video tutorials covers Adobe products, computer programming languages, Networking, Graphics designing, web programming, mathematics, chemistry and much more. Below is a list of all the areas which have been covered by these video tutorials. These video tutorials are hosted on YouTube.com. You can find the links to original website and YouTube after the list. More than 2697 Video Tutorial For Programmers to Watch and Learn programming.

Adobe Video Tutorials

  • After Effects (39 Videos)
  • DreamWeaver (41 Videos)
  • Flash (6 Videos)
  • Photoshop (16 Videos)
  • Premiere Pro (12 Videos)

Computer Programming Video Tutorials

  • AJAX (27 Videos)
  • Android Development (200 Videos)
  • C (15 Videos)
  • C# (200 Videos)
  • C++ (73 Videos)
  • C++ GUI with Qt (14 Videos)
  • Cocos 2D (20 Videos)
  • Computer Game Development (17 Videos)
  • iPhone Development (37 Videos)
  • Java – Beginner (87 Videos)
  • Java – Intermediate (59 Videos)
  • Java – Game Development (36 Videos)
  • Java – Game Development with Slick (12 Videos)
  • JavaScript (40 Videos)
  • jQuery (200 Videos)
  • Objective-C (65 Videos)
  • PHP (200 Videos)
  • PHP Stock Market Analyzer (20 Videos)
  • Python (43 Videos)
  • Ruby (32 Videos)
  • Trading Website (Project Lisa) (45 Videos)
  • Visual Basic (200 Videos)
  • wxPython (14 Videos)

Computer Science Video Tutorials

  • 3Ds Max 2010 (22 Videos)
  • How to Build a Computer (23 Videos)
  • HTML5 (53 Videos)
  • MySQL Database (33 Videos)
  • Computer Networking (17 Videos)
  • UDK – Beginner (65 Videos)
  • UDK – Advanced (2 Videos)
  • XHTML & CSS (46 Videos)

Educational Video Tutorials

  • Algebra (32 Videos)
  • Basic Math (11 Videos)
  • Biology (61 Videos)
  • Chemistry (38 Videos)
  • Chemistry Lab (10 Videos)
  • Don’t Try This at Home (3 Videos)
  • How to Build a Go Kart (35 Videos)
  • How to Make Beer (10 Videos)
  • Introduction to Geometry (63 Videos)
  • Geometry (23 Videos)
  • Physics (45 Videos)
  • Robotics & Electronics (19 Videos)

Other Video Tutorials

  • Battlefield 2 Gameplay (6 Videos)
  • Backgammon (8 Videos)
  • Bucky Roberts Live (10 Videos)
  • Buckys Vlog (24 Videos)
  • Call of Duty Gameplay (18 Videos)
  • iPhone App Reviews (25 Videos)
  • thenewboston Live! (113 Videos)
  • thenewboston Podcast (52 Videos)
  • Surviving the Wilderness (20 Videos)
  • Surviving the Wilderness 2 (40 Videos)

YouTube.com channel address:

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Website video tutorial address where you can see list of fields covered by video tutorial:

[website seems to be unfunctional. YouTube channel is still online]

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