Production Cost Of New iPad Is Higher Than iPad 2

They are celebrating the successful launch of new iPad. I have seen people’s faces full of enjoy and pleasure after buying new iPad. I have talked many of them and found some of them are new to iPad. Many of them just wanted to buy to keep their identical status among circles. It looks like if people will remain crazy like the same as they are already for Apple’s things, Apple belief may become religion like File Sharing [Kopimisim] in Sweden. Looking at the demand of new iPad, Apple may have already become religion.

Apple’s new iPad has A5X dual-core process with quad-core graphic chip, 4G LTE support, Retina Display with 2,048 x 1,536 pixels, and a few other improvements over iPad 2. Whatever, the guys at iSuppli have teardown the new iPad to find out what parts are in it, what will be the cost of those parts and who is the manufacture of those parts.

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New iPad’s teardown shows that it costs a bit more than iPad 2 but Apple is so generous (or might be have had to much profit) that it did not raise prices and keep iPad 2 prices for new iPad. Generosity does not seems being done because new iPad 32GB 4G sale price is $100 higher than 16GB 4G but it costs only $23 more than new iPad 16GB 4G.

This teardown of new iPad also reveals that Samsung is still the biggest supplier for Apple supply chain though both are rival in the tech field and have fought many times in court battlefields. The major selling point of new iPad is Retina Display 2,048 x 1,536 pixels is also being produced by Samsung. They do not want to live together but cannot survive if apart.

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In the following photo, you can see the cost of new iPad compared to iPad 2 as whole and in parts. This teardown does not say a single word about R&D.

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