Mozilla Firefox 10 Final Download For Linux, Mac OSX & Windows

Mozilla team did not take too long to release an upgraded version of Mozilla Firefox. In fact, they have followed an interval of 5 to 6 weeks between two upgrades as we see previous 5 upgrades. The previous version was 9, so the present is 10. Mozilla has not started the upgrade delivery through official channel but this final Mozilla Firefox 10 is available on their servers. At the moment, you can not get this upgrade from Firefox internal update system, too. You need to download Mozilla Firefox 10 from the given download links below. But if you want to wait for its official release, It could be anytime coming to official download. I have already upgraded to Firefox 10 and this article is being written using it.

Visually, it seems that there is nothing changed from Firefox 9 to Firefox 10. It has followed the same interface from Firefox 8.  They said that Forward button will be hidden unless the user go back to previous page. But I see this button is only inactive on final webpage. It only activates when I go to previous webpage. It is not hidden.

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In previous versions, add-ons compatibility was big issue. Many add-ons stopped working when Firefox upgraded. With the release of Firefox 10, they have tried to overcome this add-ons incompatibility issue. I remember, upgrading from Firefox 8 to 9 did not let me use 4 or 5 installed add-ons showing them incompatible. But now, only one add-ons AVG LinkScanner was incompatible with Firefox 10. And also this time all the plugins are working fine.

With the help of new JavaScript API, HTML5 videos or games will be able to be displayed in full screen mode. CSS3 3D Transforms technique let you flip, rotate the the videos and images. Anti-Aliasing support will give you smoother graphics and it will be helpful when using WebGL to design User Interface elements.

There is not much have been told about Firefox 10 new features. Most news are for developers and not for home users. Well you can download Mozilla Firefox 10 for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows. Below are the download links:

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