Get Free iGreetingCard v1.4 For Limited Time At Mac App Store [Save $20]

Greetings: Few years back, I always felt it good whenever received a greeting card from family and friends. The time passed with changes in habits. Now most of the people send electronic cards. BTW, using electronic cards has made it quite cheap to send any type of greeting card. You only need a computer, internet connection and website which can send free greeting cards or you can have freeware / shareware software to create your own greeting cards. Create as many greeting cards as you want and send them. Yes! mass distribution is possible. Usually, electronic greetings cards are non-perishable and can be viewed as many times as you want.

iGreetingCard (current version 1.4) is a huge software, 109 MB, can be used to create electronic greeting cards for all occasions. Normally it is cost $20 but now it is free for time being at Mac App Store. According to its description, iGreetingCard is all-rounder greeting cards designer and creator. You will have dozens of layouts and templates to create card of your own taste. You can add your own photos, design text, different kinds of graphics effects, many other elements and then export it as  JPEG, PNG, TIFF or email or share it on Facebook.

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I still do not have a Mac system so can not say a single word from my own. Description as per vendor “iGreetingCard is a fairly excellent app for Mac users to make personalized greeting cards. Making blessing greeting card has never been so easier. Choose a specific layout from a great section of templates, drag photos and customize fantastic effects, export your gorgeous greeting cards. Now you are a genius designer to create individual greeting cards. iGreetingCard fulfill different needs with many kind of themes and templates including Christmas Card, New Year Card, Birthday and other occasions“.

Download: Jane from Softease support team informed me about this giveaway. Read more about iGreetingCard here:

You can download it from Mac App Store here:

Limitations (Possibly): Based on vendors description, there might be few limitations:

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1: No 3D effects.
2: No Updates.
3: Costly for single version. In future there can be more advance and cheap greeting cards maker.
4: No sound effects.
5: Huge software of 109 MB.
6: Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later


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