Red Alert: Paragon Software Giveaway is Coming on April 19, 9:00 am (EST)

We do not have had any Paragonsoftware for a very long time as free software giveaway.

Last time,its promo was for Christmas but that was just price reduction and not as full free giveaway. Paragon Christmas campaign was like something will be free from Paragon for the time being but it was not.

We know that all the software from Paragon Software Group (PSG) are designed with professional care and these software do what they are designed for. People like their software like hot cake. On the other hand PSG is creating partnership with big companies. Being in partnership with big companies has increased the over all value of PSG.

I hope this time Paragon Software Group will not do like they did on Christmas. But we have to wait till April 19, 2001 9:00 am (EST). This is direct Paragon giveaway on Facebook and not a personal giveaway from any blog. This giveaway will continue for three days. You can access more info here:

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