New AntiVirus Test Results Declares Best and Worst AntiMalwares

At this time of the year, almost every security software vendor has released their new line of security products for 2012. Most of them are claiming the crown: highest detection rate of Malwares, low false positives, speedy scans, zero-hour threat detection and removal, low resource consuming, easy navigation, bla bla bla. There is always one thing clear, how big the claim is, current and previous performances will not have much difference. The famous AntiVirus testing company has published its test results for 20 different AntiVirus vendors. The test has three levels: Standard, Advanced and Advanced+.

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This new test from AV-Comparative has had freeware AntiViruses as well as shareware. Freeware AntiViruses which were tested are Avast Free AntiVirus, Avira AntiVir Personal, AVG Free AntiVirus and Panda Cloud AV. These freeware have scored well and, if we consider, their performance seems like slap for costly shareware like Norton, McAfee, etc. Avast Free AntiVirus, Avira AntiVir Personal and Panda Cloud AV scored Advanced+ and AVG Free AntiVirus stood at Advanced.

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People pay their fortune to buy shareware AntiVirus considering them more reliable and advance compared to freeware AntiViruses. In reality this should happen, shareware AntiViruses should be more advance and reliable but AV-Comparative results show different story. These freeware AntiViruses, if not better, are not less than any shareware AntiVirus. We can easily overcome that minor difference by using any friendly AntiMalware like Emsisoft AntiMalware, Malwarebytes AntiMalware, etc. In fact, by using these extra security software with regular freeware AntiVirus, computer will be more secure.

You buy Norton Internet Security which costs 80€. It has AntiVirus, AntiSpyware, Firewall, AntiSpam, AntiPhishing, etc. If you want you can have all these securities, even better, in less than 40€. Get one Free AntiVirus 0.00€, Malwarebytes AntiMalware 23€, Free Firewall 0.00€, KeyScrambler 0.00€, AVG LinkScanner 0.00€. This whole package shows that you can have at least same security at very cheap price. If you will google, you can find many more free software to ensure your security.

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The purpose of writing this article is not to disgrace any shareware AntiVirus but to praise freeware AntiViruses for their huge success standing side by side in AV-test to shareware AVs. You can read the complete test report here. Below are some graphs taken by latest AntiVirus test report of August, 2011.

PDF test report can be seen here:

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Note: These all images are copyright to AV-Comparative. I have watermarked because I am hosting these photos on my server.

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31 thoughts on “New AntiVirus Test Results Declares Best and Worst AntiMalwares

  1. I do agree that freewares are oftenly much much more better to save money.
    However, like the previous comment, sharewares have better support. Freewares are mostly directed to the user based forum.

    Also is the 80 euro price for norton IS for 3 pcs? Because I do not remember it being so expensive, although I bought mine for 1 pc.

    But, to be honest, there are plentiful of sharewares giveaway every here and then. For example, there was recently a 6 month Avira Antivir promotion, a 1 year emsisoft promotion, trendmicro and trustport etc. Also now there is a avira antivir sweepstake in their facebook page.

    I got the avira and apparently it does not crash with norton. So actually, the best way could be to wait for a shareware giveaway.

    My own opinions.

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    1. The reason to write the article was “The purpose of writing this article is not to disgrace any shareware AntiVirus but to praise freeware AntiViruses for their huge success standing side by side in AV-test to shareware AVs.“.
      Yea, there are always giveaways but it is not that you always get support with giveaway licenses. And it may that once you used promotional license, next time you can not use any promotional license. And you may know that on occasions McAfee and Norton has busted PCs by identifying safe system files as scareware/malware, I have never seen this with any freeware AntiVirus. And it is not necessary that you will get the promo of the AV which you want like now a days Kaspersky is distinguishing between licenses, you can not use Russian license on English or Chinese versions. And many other reasons but as I said “not to disgrace any shareware AntiVirus“.
      NIS 2012 has different prices for different countries and 80-Euros is for one country in Europe.

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      1. I know you are not disgracing sharewares, I’m just expressing my opinions on what is better about sharewares than freewares, so there is no need to repeat twice that you are not disgracing sharewares 🙂 .

        Honestly, nowadays, even the HQ gives out licenses, using avira as an example.

        I do know McAfee busted quite a few times, but I did not really heard much about Norton.

        But on conclusion, I do agree for people who cannot afford or do not want to waste money on antivirus, freeware would be much better.

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  2. Support the developer. I really sad when some developer goes down because of lack of funds for the development. Although, I used freeware, I use some shareware with my security setup. If you have, buy, if you don’t, just setup freeware security combo.

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  4. Do all of them support 64 bit Windows 7?
    It is well-nigh impossible to get a i5-based laptop with 32 bit Windows, so we can expect 64 bit to be the norm shortly, not the exception.

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      1. Thanks Perti. It would have taken ages to determine this from their webpages.

        What made me ask was I thought I’d heard that either AVG or McAfee doesn’t like 64-bit Windows 7.

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