MailStore Home Create A Central Archive and Backup For All Your Emails [Pictorial]

If we ask our elders how they were used to have distance communication, you will get the answer: by letters. Yes, paper letter. If you look around your home, you may find a pile of letters; old letters which your elders have received from family and friends. You may also notice that those letters are in an arranged manner to make it easy find out the one if needed later. Keeping letters in an arranged stack is a little fun. I have seen these archives on number of times at my home and at friends home. But now era is changed and people are forgetting to write letters. We have adopted alternatives: web based mails called email.

I have installed MailStore Home a long time ago and, whenever, I have had time, I was testing it and poking it. Today, I thought to write about it but could not gathered my words. It was quite difficult to write the appropriate starting paragraph. A discussion with friend made it easy. Well, let’s talk about MailStore Home and then how we can archive and backup our emails from Gmail.

MailStore Home is a single solution for your all emails. It creates a single central archive for your all scattered emails across different computers, programs, mailboxes and web mail services. You are using Mozilla SeaMonkey, Mozilla Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, Windows Mail, Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, Gawab and whichever service is, you are able to create archive for all of your emails and then you can create backup from that archive. The plus point is every time you do not have to create new archive. You have new emails in your account, simply run MailStore Home and new emails will be archived. The same is with backup. You can synchronize your backup. It also got a great search feature. You can find any email with in moments. This MailStore Home is the best free software to create archive and backup of your all emails.

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I have archived and taken backup of my Gmail account with MailStore Home V5.0.1.6919. Below is a complete pictorial how I created Gmail archive and how I took backup of it. First of all download MailStore Home and install it.

Archive in MailStore Home: Open the MailStore Home and you will see two panes in main window. In the left pane, you will see a menu item: Archive E-mail. This you will also see in the right pane.

Clicking on Archive E-mail, will take you to a new window where you will be asked to create your profile. This profile is your particular email account which you want to archive. As I am creating archive from Gmail, I will use E-mail Account but you can also create archive from E-mail Clients and E-Mail Files.

I entered my Gmail email into text box press button Start. We can also press the button Advanced and select Google Mail from drop down menu. Both will have same outcome.

After entering email, I was asked to provide password to archive my Gmail account. I could not find any info about if MailStore Home encrypt the password when connecting the online email account.  After Entering password and submitting it, MSH started creating archive. It was copying emails from Gmail and creating archive at local computer.

OK, now we have created local archive. Remember, MSH will only archive the emails from Inbox and all tagged emails but not Spam and Trash.

Look in left pane again and the second item in the menu is My Archive. Click on it and a tree menu will open. There I can see my Gmail account with all emails tagged or not. Tagged emails are gathered under their tag name.

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Backup Archived emails in MailStore Home: Look in the left pane and you will see Export E-mail which you can also see on Start Page (main window) in right pane. Click on it and a new window will open showing you the options of taking backup at E-mail Servers, E-mail Clients and E-mail Files. I want to take backup (export) on removable drive, so I select E-mail Files.

Clicking on Directory (File System) will open a new small window with options: EML Files and Microsoft Outlook MSG Files. I will prefer EML because a number of software can open and read these files. Press Next when done.

You will be asked about target folder. Chose one or create if needed. MSH will create a new profile named of your archived profile. You will be informed about it and will be asked to press button OK.

Pressing OK button and you will be back to Export E-mail window. Now press Run button located at bottom will start export of your local archived emails.

Every time, you archive your email or export (backup) archive, MailStore Home will synchronize it. Based on this pictorial, the whole process may look lengthy but once you have done it, it will be easy for you.

One very important feature is missing from MailStore Home. There is no central password to save your archive and backup from others. Anybody who has access to your computer or removable media has access to your archive and backup. You can also install MSH as portable app on your computer and removable medial like USB.

There might be some mistakes in this lengthy article.

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