Install Over 80 Free Apps With A Single Small Ninite App

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In this fast life, we do not have enough time to search, download and install different application one by one. At least, I do not have this much time. I had searched for some application which could help me to overcome this problem like download and install different apps just with one click. I found that application though I could only download and install free apps.

You may not believe but free apps are replacing shareware rapidly and the day is not far when PCs will have just freewares. At this time, people using a lot of freeware like Open Office, GIMP, Paint.NET and many more apps because they compete shareware on quality and availability.

Now think, if you have to download each application separately and then have to install separately, is it not time-consuming and brain bursting. Ninite has solved this problem.  You can download and install Office Apps, Browsers, Googletalk, Messengers, Media Players, Graphical Software, Security Software and more with a few clicks.

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Let me make it more clear that you do not have to download over 100MBs by yourself. You simply go to (Windows) and (Linux), select the apps you want to install, and download Ninite installer which will be, most probably, less than 350KBs. Now run Ninite installer and forget about installation. It will do all download and installation at its own. You do not need to worry about it. The only thing you will worry is you must be connected to Internet all the time when downloading and installing the apps through Ninite.

I wanted to write about Ninite many months ago but I could not. After writing this small article, I really felt that I should have written it long time ago because of the importance of the application.

Ninite has Pro version but that is not in our scope.

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chuck (detailer)
The downside to this method is not being able to opt out of all the crapware that so many of our favorite freebies have bundled in their installers these days.Not to mention how many will try to insert themselves into… Read more »