Worlds Cheapest Indian Android Tablet Costs $50

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iPad has changed the scenario of personal computers. With the most successful launch of iPad, many computer companies jumped to create iPad looking tablets. This is not that iPad was the first tablet and there was no tablet before, there were already tablets running Windows and Linux. Windows tablets were quite costly and those were also not being created for home users. iPad changed the concept. Now tablets are being manufactured keeping the persons use as target.

Currently, there are only two major OS players in tablet OS field: Android and iOS and both are at boom. Windows is struggling to keep its pace but it looks like by the time it will establish itself again, other both OSs will be far ahead.

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All the three OSs have benefits as well as drawbacks. I will not compare them now but I should say, you already know, that Android has one liberty; it is the cheapest tablet OS which has been created and is being established keeping personal use as target. How cheap Android is that you do not have to pay a penny. I know Linux is there but it is still not for pure personal use.

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CNN has reported that Indian Ministry of Education has created worlds cheapest computer (of course tablet) which will cost only $50. Basically, it is created for educational purposes and will be available for students. Students will be able to see online lectures as well as to read digital books. So far, this tablet looks promising because of features, though limited. You can easily replace your books with this tablet. It looks like Amazon Fire got a rival. LOL (kidding).

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This new Indian tablet is a 7inch, which is smaller than iPad, Android based tablet, with HD tough screen, two USB ports, Android as OS. As said, it can be used for educational purposes but there can be other uses as well. You can use it to write text, notes, check eMails, messaging, Internet browsing, etc. It got a touch screen keyboard. If you look at photo, you will see that it looks quite handy and affordable. Though CNN video shows that touch screen is not sensitive like Glaxy Tab or iPad but in $50 cost, this less sensitivity should not be considerable. Watch video HERE.

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