Get Free Zemana AntiLogger 1.9.x License Code Valid For One

OK Friends, once again we have a newly born Zemana AntiLogger Promo which will give you license valid for one year. I have shared Zemana AntiLogger promos so frequently that sometime I do not wanna believe it but it is true. Well, whatever, one new promo of Zemana AntiLogger with one year valid license.

Just few hours ago, Roy Smith sent me a message about this promo. We must give him our thanks because he is tired going back to home from job and I am sure, he is sleepy and hungry. But still he remembers ComputeLogy readers. Thank you Roy for your precious time.

Roy informed that Softpedia is giving away one year valid license of Zemana AntiLogger. I am late in sharing it because I just found it now. Sorry Roy but one surprise for you. I am writing your message as it is. Below is a message I received from Roy. He wrote complete details how you can get your license, so I do not need to write it again. Just read his message:

Zemana AntiKeylogger free license for 1 year on Facebook right now.

Use this link to go straight to Giveaway page:

1.Login to Facebook,

2.go to Softpedia Facebook page and click “like”. If you have a particular dislike of Softpedia you can always “Unlike” them once the giveaway is installed and working or you could say it is Zemana you are liking

3.You will then see Zemana license code save this to a notepad or whatever, at least record it somehow ready to use later just in case you lose the link to license code/facebook page.

4.The Download link via Softpedia is also shown. Click this go to Softpedia.

5.when you get to softpedia page where it gives you a choice to download with an External Mirror or the Softpedia Download choice, the External Mirror is direct from Zemana,

6. save the installer into its own download folder,

7. add the license key script into the folder.

8. Save this whole folder to install Zemana Antilogger later when you want to or do it now if you like

9. and MOST IMPORTANTLY save it also for whenever you may have to reinstall too!
Which means make a back-up to a CD/DVD/USB Flash Drive or an External Hard Drive etc because who knows what is going to happen over the next 365 days that your Zemana Antilogger is valid for.

All the very best that can be to you! Night Night

Roy Smith

Read more about Zemana:

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Thank you Roy Smith.

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    1. If you already have the one given away here before, just renew your license with the new one here.  I didn’t have to uninstall the other one.  Got a whole new year again!

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