Get Free Ocster Backup Pro 6.20 For Limited Time (Save Eur40)

Once again, after an interval of few months, you have chance to clean your hands on famous data backup software: Ocster Backup Pro 6. This is a full featured automatic backup taker and they claim that it is 600% faster than its predecessors. It has some really cool new features like backup of your Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer bookmarks, settings and Add-ons. More to this you can also take backup of your Mozilla Thunderbird and Windows Contacts. It supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003 or Windows Server 2008 (the 64 Bit version of each operating system is also supported).

I am moving to Get Free Ocster Backup Pro 6.20 instead of writing about features of Ocster Backup Pro 6.20. You can read more here:

Open the following web address and click on big blue button Zum Download.

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On the next page you will see blue text in light blue box Download-Server CHIP Online. Click on it and you will be directed to new webpage and your download will start automatically within 5 seconds. If does not, click on big blue button Zum Download.

This time, Ocster Backup Pro 6.20 activation is different. You do not need any license but you need to have Internet connection to activate it.

After installation, run the Ocster Backup Pro6.2. A window will open asking you to register your copy of software. Just fill the three text fields and submit it. (If you close this window, you can get it from Help menu).

Now check your eMail and click on the link which have been asked to be clicked into your eMail and confirm your acceptance of unlocking the Ocster Backup Pro 6.

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Now go back to Ocster Backup Pro 6 and click on button I have click on the link in the eMail. That’s it. Now you have genuine Ocster Backup Pro 6. Enjoy it.

But you will also get the license key from Ocster. This is your backup key which you can use in future to activate your Ocster Backup Pro 6.

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