[Updated] Get Free Emsisoft Online Armor Premium Firewall 5.1 One Year Genuine License Key

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[UPDATE-1]The promo is not working but We have a HUGE 50% DISCOUNT on Emsisoft Online Armor Premium Firewall 5.1. There are a few updates. Read it in Get Free section.  [/UPDATE-1]. Firewall has same importance as AntiVirus when there is question about computer security. If you use Internet, AntiVirus can only protect you against Viruses and Spywares but against hackers and intruders, you need a firewall: a good firewall like Online Armor Firewall. Online Armor Firewall has always been considered as world’s strongest free firewall for home users. This is true and Online Armor Firewall, infact, is one among the strongest firewalls. I am using it since a long time even before Emsisoft bought it. It has three types of subscriptions: Online Armor Free, Online Armor Premium and Online Armor ++. Online Armor Premium Firewall normally costs €30 for a single PC. I am sure many of you have used Online Armor Free Firewall and would be waiting for promo where you can get Premium one. Well, the license if valid for one year. You should be quick to get your license because there may be some IP restriction in future.

Emsisoft Premium Firewall v5.1 has two way firewall, web shield, program control, Anti-Keylogger, Hosts File management, Autorun Management, Banking mode, etc. They say:

    Firewall with 3 operation modes: Online Armor at first starts in standard mode, which is easy to handle for every user. It is not about technical intricacies, but simply about the question: is a certain program allowed to access the Internet or not? A white list collects programs where our software ensures that they are secure, in which case the firewall automatically permits access. In expert mode there are many more options for experienced users. For example, it is possible to restrict access to a few chosen networks only and to prevent websites from specific countries which are known for spreading malicious software, from loading unwanted content. The third mode is banking mode which stands for secure online banking.
Keylogger protection: Keyloggers are a sort of malware waiting for key strokes invisibly in the background. Those keystrokes then are usually sent to a hacker – for example when entering a Paypal login, or the PIN of an online banking website. Online Armor works reliably here and reports all suspicious programs recording keyboard sequences. A permanently controlled whitelist collects the names of programs, which are assumed as safe despite such routines. Where programs are on the whitelist, Online Armor will not bother the user.
DNS-Spoofing protection: One silent method of sending users to faked Online banking pages is called DNS-Poisoning. Your own Internet Service Provider offers a DNS-Server, that will convert a text address entered in a browser to a numerical IP address. Clever cyber-criminals may redirect such requests to their computers where their own DNS-server is installed, which then leads the user to a phishing website. Online Armor Personal Firewall prevents that by rechecking all DNS requests with our own secure server. There will be an immediate alert, if the DNS-server used emits a different IP.
Autostart control: A lot of programs automatically start together with Windows – whether this is desirable or not. Online Armor lists all autostarters and allocates them a security status (secure, not secure, unknown). The user may then decide on his/her own whether these programs are allowed to start in the future or not. Online Armor again offers a whitelist containing many secure programs the user can safely trust.

[UPDATE-1] As this promo is not available for whole world, we have cooperated with Emsi Software GmbH, Austria, and bringing you the most discount 50% which you will ever get on Emsisoft Online Armor Premium Firewall 5.1. This is time limited Offer. CLICK HERE TO GET 50% DISCOUNT ON EMSISOFT ONLINE ARMOR PREMIUM FIREWALL 5.1. [/UPDATE-1]

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This promo is basically for Computer Shopper UK readers but soon (after publishing this article) it will be available on Google, so letting you know about this promo. Open any of the following web address into your browser and fill a very short form which is already in English. Remember, you need a new email to request the license for Online Armor Premium Firewall 5.1.

[Link is removed on the request of Emsi Software GmbH, Austria.]

Check your email from Emsisoft. It will have your license of Emsisoft Online Armor Premium Firewall v5.

Download Emsisoft Online Armor Premium Firewall v5 from official website and use the license to register it. You can download it and read more about it on the following webpage.


During installation, select Online Armor Premium instead of Free and ++.

Here you can see the license info of Emsisoft Online Armor Premium Firewall v5 showing 364 days remaining.

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Hi,Perti, you probably locked to EMSISOFT with 50% off deal and lost your fight with it. 😉

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