Get Free BitDefender Total Security 2012 For 3 Months

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Most of the AntiVirus software vendors has already released their upgraded versions for the year 2012. This is normal routine that new upgraded AntiViruses are being released almost half year early. There are still some which have not released their products fro 2012. In fact, releasing AntiViruses this early is the way to advance in capturing the consumer market. One other thing is some of new AntiViruses are being offered free for more than normal 30 days trial period.

Recently, BitDefender launched its final release of security products: AntiVirus, Internet Security and Total Security for year 2012. This time BitDefender got new interface with highly improved protection for personal computers. They have scored higher than any other security software in 2nd quarter AntiVirus tests at AV-Test. Below is snap from the test and you can see which AntiVirus is standing where. The following link is a PDF file about BitDefender test from

BitDefender team has totally redesigned the interface with new logo. Dark gray interface with a scrolling pane in the middle where you can find all the elements of BitDefender Total Security 2012. Now it has gotten a single interface and there is not simple or expert interface as we have seen till BitDefender 2011.

I installed it on Windows XP x86 SP3. Surprisingly, it was very lite on system. In default mode, I mean in system tray, it takes only maximum 1MB and if you run the interface, it takes only 5MB. I did a quick scan and it took only 8.3MB of memory. It did not feel a burned on system resources.

Well, of course, every Internet security got AntiVirus, AntiSpyware, Firewall, Parental Control, AntiSpam, etc. This time BitDefender has more interesting features. Some of these new features are already available in other security software in different shapes but, you know, it depends upon how the feature works.

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Rescue mode – Reboots your computer in a trusted environment, which is used for cleanup and restoration
Virtualized Browser – Isolates the browser from the operating system in a Bitdefender-provided environment to block web-based threats
Autopilot – Provides a hassle-free experience by making optimal security-related decisions without input from you
Search Advisor – Gives advance warning of risky websites right in your Google and Bing search results
Scan Dispatcher – Triggers system scans when resource usage falls below a certain threshold to avoid any impact on your system’s performance
Safebox – Automatically backs up files and folders to a secure remote server and allows file sync between your computers

Though, it BitDefender promo is available on Facebook but you do not need to have a Facebook account at all to download it. Direct download link is:

If you want to get it through Facebook, you can get it here:

During installation, click on I want to evaluate this product and install it. It will give you right 90 days from the date of installation.

Read more about BitDefender Total Security 2012 here:

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23 thoughts on “Get Free BitDefender Total Security 2012 For 3 Months

          1. I really do not know what the reason is that your computer went blank. Have you installed all updates of Windows and also all your drivers are updated? Then try again. First, install Comodo TimeMachine. It is really a very useful software.

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          2. Now its working,there was a conflict between commodo firewall and bit defender firewall.
            I removed commodo firewall and installed BD 2012 now its working.
            Thanks for your time.

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          3. Hey gorgeous Perti,

            You talked about TimeMachine of Comodo and I find it interesting. Is TimeMachine the same thing like Returnil and yeah when I recall correctly there is a similar DEAD software around 2003 called Wasay ProMagic Plus and it exactly works the same way as Returnil does, wherefore it’s child software called Wasay DPU(data proses utility) works exactly as renowned Volume Shadow Copy.

            Was TimeMachine any better compared to Returnil? I need something more in function and advance in quality.

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  1. *-Thanks for the heads-up. I really like their detection rate and features – I just hope it doesn’t slow down computers like previous editions. I know it is supposed to use less memory and cpu power than before, but that doesn’t mean it won’t slow things down. Some of the “lightest” security apps I have used can really slow things like initial boot-up, browsing, and online videos to a crawl because of the way they work, and some of the more resource “heavy” ones have little or no effect at all. ( I am using Windows 7 x64 with a Core i7,  8 GB’s of high speed ram and a 20 Mb internet service, so I’m definitely not running out of “resources” ).

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      1. Thank You very much for your reply – I will definitely try it.                                            P.S. You might want to pass along to your readers the really great price reduction for the next 48 hours at the Download Crew Software Store ( ; Total Security for U.S. $17.99 and Internet Security for U.S. $12.99 , and Antivirus Pro for U.S. $9.95 !

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