Free Steganos Privacy Suite 12 Genuine Key For Everyone Worth $69.95

We talk a lot about privacy but mostly of the time we only talk about one or two aspects of privacy like clearing the Internet surf traces. A common person like me will only think if Internet history or traces are wiped, no one can trace us what he did and his privacy is private. You will also find most of the software which promises to keep your privacy safe only talk about about Internet surfing privacy. Privacy can also be local like data. Now most of software which talk about data security/privacy ignores online privacy. There are just a few software which provide both online as well as offline privacy. Steganos Privacy Suite 12 (V-12.1.0 R-9730) is one among highly trusted privacy suites which provide both online and offline privacy.

Steganos Privacy Suite 12 ($69.95) is and advanced software which has all features of famous Steganos Safe 12 ($39.95), Steganos Password Manager 12 ($15.95) and Steganos Trace Destructor 12 ($24.95). In other words Steganos Privacy Suite 12 is all rounder privacy keeper. It encrypts data with 265-bit AES encryption algorithm (AES: Advanced Encryption Standard). This AES standard is being used by USA government and also been accepted as world wide encryption standard. One other great feature is hide your sensitive data in pictures and music. Send and receive those steganographed photos and musics without any worry of data unleash.

Steganography: Hides sensitive data in pictures and music. No one will discover the encrypted data hidden in these files.
256 Bit AES: Uses an uncrackable (and world renowned) 256 Bit AES security algorithm.
Data safes that REALLY fit everything: Holds up to 1000 GB of storage. Data safe size can be user defined and easily adjusted with intuitive controls. Create as many encrypted data safes as needed to store photos, music, movies, documents and more. Automatic safe shut down when user logs out or when computer sleeps.
Steganos Portable Safe™ makes mobile data safe on the go: Turns USB sticks, mobile phones, iPods®, CDs, and DVDs into handy data safes that can be accessed on other systems — without extra software!
100% data delete with Steganos Shredder™: Performs permanent and unrecoverable data delete operations with Steganos Shredder™. Shreds data on hard drives and external storage media such as USB sticks, rewritable CDs, DVDs, and memory cards. Uses a drive friendly incremental shredder to save time. Free Space Shredder allows user defined free space shred commands on drives. And a trash shredder reliably and completely disposes of data in trash bins.
Automatically erases digital footprint: Removes traces left behind while browsing or working on PCs — fully automatically. SteganosTraceDestructor ensures work documents and last visited web sites can’t be spied out.
Easy-as-pie password management: Keeps all user passwords on-hand and automatically completes forms on websites like Amazon and ebay. Individual categories and special fields capture useful information to organize passwords. Steganos Password Manager™ can create individual profile setups for multiple users, and it also allows private and office profile accounts.
Password security check for the safest codes: Grades and provides feedback on password strength for keyed in passwords. Multilingual dictionary instantly flags and warns user about unsafe passwords.
Open your Safe your way: Allows manual access to data safes using a USB stick, PDA, memory card, digicam, or iPod; visual access to data safes using a series of pictures or opens data safes automatically with an ActiveSync enabled mobile phone with bluetooth. Once the bluetooth device is out of range, the safe closes automatically.
Private favorites stay private: Stores your favorite websites in a password protected favorites list. Includes plugins for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.
Faster and faster! Supports hotkey, automatic login and drag-and-drop: Supports shortcuts — and desktop shortcuts — to quickly open and close data safes. Allows drag-and-drop to copy and move information easily to data safes. And lets users automatically start a safe and applications with login.
Encrypt e-mails the easy way: Sends encrypted e-mails with a click of a mouse. E-mail recipient only needs a password, and the message decrypts itself automatically. No additional software to install.
Open Sesame with Steganos PicPass: Lets users access data safes by selecting a series of images as a password, eliminating the need to memorize long and complicated passwords.

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Last year, we shared promos about Steganos Privacy Suite 11 which are still working. But I know you want new SPS 12. The whole licensing process is quite simple. Just open any of the following webpages into your browser write your eMail. Just it and submit it.


On the next page, you will be told that your license will be sent to your eMail address within 10 minutes but in fact, you will get it within seconds

The email will be sent from Steganos GmbH subjected Ihre kostenlose Seriennummer für Steganos Privacy Suite 12. It will have download link os SPS 12 and license key info. Use the license when registering the SPS 12 after installation.

After installation, when you will run Steganos Privacy Suite 12, it will ask you to enter the license to register it. If for some reason, you could not register it and enters SPS12. You can register it from main window. Just one mouse click at top left corner (small icon of SPS), a menu will open, click on About Steganos Privacy Suite.

A new window or let say About window will open.

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In that window you can see a link to Change Serial Number. Click on it and a new window will open. Just enter your license and OK. That’s it. You have registered copy of Steganos Privacy Suite 12 which is latest.

Read more and download from the following official address:

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