Get Free Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 for Six Months

[From Future: an updated article can be found here Free Kaspersky Internet Security for Android One Year LicenseUpDate: There is a new updated article Get Free Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 For 3 Months For Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, Windows Phones.UpDate: Kurtumi has confirmed that the license is working with Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 English version. Thank you Kurtumi.

I am not going in details to waste your time and creating delay between you and Kaspersky Mobile Security 9. Go directly to Get Free section. Get your license and come back here to read the remaining article.


  • Privacy Protection – for your eyes only
    You have exclusive control over which of your contacts and phone numbers you want to keep ‘private’. Hide and unhide phonebook entries, SMSs and call logs at the touch of a button.
  • Locate a lost or stolen smartphone
    You can locate a lost or stolen smartphone using the inbuilt GPS Find function.
  • Secure contacts, photos and files from unauthorized access
    You can store all your digital assets in encrypted folders and remotely block or wipe your smartphone if it’s lost or stolen.
  • Block unwanted calls or SMSs
    You can filter out annoying calls and SMSs by assigning contacts to black lists and white lists.
  • Parental control
    You can restrict your children’s calls and SMSs (e.g. block premium rate numbers) and keep track of their whereabouts using GPS Find.
  • Protect your smartphone from malware and network attacks
    Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 provides all you need to protect your smartphone from harm, including real-time antimalware scans, automatic updates, blocking of dangerous network connections and much more.

Get Free Kaspersky Mobile Security 9:

Open the following web page into your browser and fill a very short form. Enter your eMail address and D4N7D-PD625 as Gutschein-Code. Then click on the only button named Absenden.

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On the very next page, you will see a message like this. This means, you are going to receive your free license of Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 which is valid for the next Six months from the date of installation.

The eMail will look like this:

I have not tested it. I hope this license will work on English installer, too. Would you like to let me know if it works or not? Thank you.

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