Free iolo System Mechanic 10.5 Genuine 6 Months License For You

Update 10.0.2011: This promo is still active. It was discontinued for a while but not any more. You can apply your free six months license again. Well, it is time limited. My personal computer has only two software installed for system maintenance. These two software are enough to clean my PC from junks, registry errors, keep privacy (which I do not need on my own PC), system health and lots of things regarding computer health and work. You are already using those software: CCleaner (Freeware) and TuneUp Utilities (Get Free TuneUp Utilities 2010 Lifetime License If You Missed TuneUp Utilities 2011 Giveaway) (Sahreware). This TuneUp Utilities promo is still valid. It is recommended utility to have in your computer

Many months ago, I have used iolo System Mechanic. I found that it is very aggressive in system cleaning, registry repairing and PC maintenance. You can not take it as light as CCleaner or TuneUp Utilities. You need to be careful while maintaining your computer with iolo System Mechanic. I took it like CCleaner and many of my installed software became corrupted. Luckily, I use Comodo TimeMachine. It took me less than two minutes to roll-back the system to previous state. Since than, I am away from it. Well, if you are an advanced user, you should try it.

I may not share this promo but there were two newly added features which I though should be shared so, I am sharing this promo. The license is valid only for six months but I think (can not testify) if you get extra license with other eMails, you may be able to extend its license life over one year. Try it. The new features are Designated Drivers and SSD Accelerator. Below is a list of new and improved features.

NEW: Designated Drivers™
The new Designated Drivers tool locates the latest, safest driver updates for your computer’s hardware devices that may improve efficiency and performance, and then you decide if you wish to install them automatically.
NEW: SSD Accelerator™
Solid-state drives require different methods of optimization than mechanical drives. The new SSD Accelerator uses optimization technology designed specifically to improve the storage speed and efficiency of solid-state drives.
ENHANCED: 64-bit Incinerator™
The Desktop File Incinerator is now available under 64-bit Windows operating systems.
ENHANCED: Erase Private Data
When certain email attachments are opened in Outlook, a temporary copy is stored on the hard drive. Left unchecked these temporary files can grow ponderously large. The Erase Private Data tool now includes the option to remove Outlook temporary files to help ensure your privacy and free up drive space.
More cleanup, repair, and optimization functions are now in PC TotalCare, the all-in-one PowerTool™ that provides a complete PC tune-up for overall performance improvements.
ENHANCED: PC Accelerator
New detection and optimization functions are added to PC Accelerator, the all-in-one PowerTool™ that speeds up web access, boot times, program functioning, and more.
ENHANCED: ActiveCare®
ActiveCare adds more automated tasks, enabling System Mechanic to automatically detect and repair more problems.

Go to the following webpage and click on any link arrowed by. You will proceed to next page.

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Before entering your info, check that the price is set to 0.00. If so, enter your info. At least, provide valid eMail address because to receive your license of iolo System Mechanic 10.5. Click on the arrowed green button to proceed.

On this third page again check price is 0.00 and then you need to confirm your details. Check again, your eMail should be valid to receive eMails. Again any green button as arrowed by.

Now at final fourth page, you will see your iolo System Mechanic 10.5 license valid for six months. You will also see the eMail for which the license is registered and a download link of iolo System Mechanic 10.5.

You will also get the license into your eMail.

You can read more and can also download iolo System Mechanic 10.5 from official site, install it and registered it with the license you have just received.

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