Free Avast Internet Security License Key For 9 Months [Updated]

Just 10 days ago, I shared how you can get 9 months working license of Avast Internet Security 6 (2011). This was the first time that Avast Internet Security 6 was given away as free. Thousands of people did not miss this chance and became the owner of working 9 months genuine license of Avast IS. But there are thousands who missed that occasions and now they can not get the license.

I have read on many forums and blogs that people are saying they can not get Avast Internet Security 6 (2011) license anymore. They fill the form, they get eMail. Here problem starts. they get two links in eMail. One is .pdf info link. When they click the first link (non .pdf), they are directed to buying page of Avast Internet Security 6. Before proceedings, if still you have not get your license, go HERE and just fill the form following the instructions provided and come back.

I could not found this little dirty (clean) trick/method on any blog or forum and also Google did not reveal anything. So, if you copy it on any blog or forum, though in your own words, please, do not forget to credit Let’s make it short. Getting Avast Internet Security 6 license is not very difficult, so far. Before it was open for all IPs because they did not expect the rush and Now only German IPs can get the license. Though only German IPs can get the license, the activation of Avast Internet Security 6 (2011) is not limited to German IPs.

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Wherever you are in the world, you can get Avast Internet Security 6 (2011) and can also activate it. You just need to follow few simple instructions. I suppose you have fill the license request form of Avast Internet Security 6 as I have already advised you in paragraph 2.

You are checking your eMail. Open eMail from Global Marketing. When you will open the eMail, you will find two links in that eMail as shown in the following photo.

Avast Internet Security 6 (2011) eMail Link

Now you need a German IP. Use some proxy. But I will advise your to use free account at CyberGhost. It is in English and will give you free German IP. It is better than others. If you do not want to install CyberGhost, use the German proxy link given below. Now, I suppose, you have changed your IP to some German IP or you are using below pages to get German proxy.

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Copy the first link from your eMail. If you are using CyberGhost, it will start downloading your Avast Internet Security 6 license file in .zip format named license-com-so-gehts. If you are using proxy sites like give above, you need to copy and paste the link from your eMail to the appropriate text-link-box to send license request from a German IP so that you can download your license.

After download Avast Internet Security 6 license, simply unzip and you will get a file named License com! so gehtns.avastlic. Now you do not need to open the extracted file. Just install Avast Internet Security 6 (2011) and use the license to register it.

Avast Internet Security 6 license shows that it will not expire. The only thing is the updates will not available after Apr 18, 2012. Use Notepad++ or any text editor to check the license contents.

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