Easy Watermark Studio Pro v2.1 Giveaway Lasts Till 28 February 2011 [UpDated]

UpDate 25/02/2011: New version of Watermark Studio Pro 2.1 is released with some new features and some bug fixes. This Giveaway is also valid of Watermark Studio Pro v2.1. Watermark Studio Pro v2.1 now has extra:
-Image watermark alpha shadow added
-Lines for a better protection
-Output color conversion realtime view
-Negative effect added to output color conversion
-Watermark scaling fixed on small images
-Lines for a better protection
-Some other bugs fixed

I just wanna let you know that the giveaway of Easy Watermark Studio Pro v2 is still valid and the license will be valid for the next coming Easy Watermark Studio Pro 2.1. The new version will be released very soon. I am very thankful to Refero Group team that they have extended the ending date of the giveaway till Feb 28th, 2011. So if you have missed the event for some reason, now the chance is still there waiting for you. Act now and get your free license of Easy Watermark Studio Pro v2.0. You can update the Easy Watermark Studio Pro v2 to the next version with the same license. You do not need any other license.

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If you remember, in my article Giveaway Easy Watermark Studio Pro v2, I wrote that I had completed the article in one sitting. Because of that I forget to write very important conditions about license.



You friends will notice that there are a few changes on the promo page of Easy Watermark Studio Pro v2. In fact, along with nature of license, there is one other sentence “This promotion was created in cooperation with www.computelogy.com“. This is because some very famous sites, including one site having over 120k subscribers, are violating the ethical rules. In my other article I talked about childish behavior of NON-ENGLISH websites but now I found some English sites are also doing same. I will not say much.

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I am very thankful to Endre (Refero Group) that they listened me and and added the credit so that everyone should know the truth. They listen me because they listen you.

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