BitDefender Offers 5 Free Licenses On Registering One License From Nov 28 – Feb 29, 2012

It is quite difficult for me to find and track of the software promos running in world. In this case, friends always helped me. There were many occasions when I could not share top rated software promos, informed me by friends, because of lack of time. Just 10 days ago, I shared Free BitDefender Internet Security 2012 One Year Genuine Key For EVERYBODY and then I forgot about it whether it is alive or just gone behind the screen. Now few hours earlier, Samuel Rajkumar (Sam) wrote me telling about an interesting offer from BitDefender: Register one – get five free. Thank you Sam for the updates. Doesn’t it sounds interesting when you get 5 license free just for registering 1 license and that offer is from top-rated computer security software vendor BitDefender? This is the chance which should never be missed. If I remember, they have never done such generous offer before. Well, if you have already read my previous article about BitDefender Internet Security 2012, most probably you have already received one or many license. This Five for One offer is only for registered licenses from Nav 28, 2011 to Feb 29, 2012.

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At first instance, when you see at offer page, it looks like something gone to be green like make world green movement. But when you continue reading, it is only an offer and there is no link between greenery and BitDefender promo. And if there is any link between green world and this promo, it is not clear.

OK, let’s see how this matrix will work. If you register one BitDefender Total Security license, you will get 5 licenses of BitDefender Internet Security 2012 within 48 hours. If you register one BitDefender Internet Security license, you will get 5 BitDefender AntiVirus Pro 2012 licenses within 48 hours. And if you register one license of BDAV Pro, you will get 5 licenses of BDAV Pro 2012 in the same time as for other offers: 48-hours. To know more about BitDefender Security software CLICK HERE.

Well, though this offer is also being shown on BitDefender’s official website and they are claiming the registration should start from Nov 28, 2011, I have not receive this offer, yet. I will be waiting. You can know more about this offer on the following webpage.

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  1. ,,FREE licenses must be installed within 30 days after the installation of
    the purchased license. After 30 days, any uninstalled free licenses
    will become invalid.,, – This is the cost of this offer )

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