The main disadvantage of using the built-in Windows safe removal tool is that when using several hot-plug devices it is often quite difficult to recognize which device needs to be stopped. Most devices have the same name: “USB mass storage device”.

In addition, Windows does not let you hide a device you would not want to stop from the menu. USB Safely Remove saves you from these problems and offers an original and multifunctional stopping menu, which displays actual device names with icons. Using this menu you can find and stop a device in a snap!

It saves time…
Displaying what prevents a device from being stopped
Safe removal via hotkeys
Lets you recognize a device in a snap…
The handy menu with device icons
Real device names and the ability to rename them
Lets you hide devices you never need to stop
Extends your portable opportunities…
Program autorun on device connectiondisconnection
Command line for safe removal
Does unique things!
Hiding drives of empty card reader slots
Powers off devices in Vista and Win7
Card reader memory cards ejection one-by-one
Returning back a device just stopped!

You can read more about USB Safely Remove 4.7 here:

You can access help here:

Zsolt informed me about this promo yesterday but I did not have time to write then. But there is no worry about the ending time of promo. There are still over 60 hours remaining before the promo ends. Thank you Zsolt.

Open the following webpage into your browser and fill a short form.

Within few seconds, you will receive your license of USB Safely Remove 4.7. Use it with the original isntaller.

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