Few years back, I ditched Internet Explorer in favor of Firefox. The reason was simple that IE was 6 years old technology and there was no sign of advancements. That was the time when Firefox reached every computer. Everybody, who have had a little know how of computer, started using Firefox. Firefox gives versatility, power of ease, customization. There was one other player Opera which is still there but does not has much influence. And we got new player Google Chrome. Google Chrome changed the browser development speed.

Well, competition among Internet browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer is a different story. How they develop and keep pace is not topic of the article. I am just going to tell you a simple feature of Google Chrome how you can configure multiple homepages in Google Chrome. By configuring this, whenever you will start Google Chrome, all those configured home pages will open. Remember, the more homepages will be configured, the slow speed will be to open the homepages.

If you always visits a few number of particular sites, I think, you should consider setting multiple homepages in Chrome. Load Google Chrome and click on the Wrench icon  which you will see just at right top corner of browser. Then click on Options.

A new tab will open. You will see two pane. In left pane you will see options and in right pane you will see sub-options (I do not remember exact word at the moment). Go to Basic and check radio button Open the following pages.

Now type the webpage, which you wan to open each time when Chrome starts, in the text box and press Enter. You can set as many homepages as you want. There might be limit but I do not know.

Deleting any homepage from the list of multiple homepages is very easy. You want to delete any homepage from multiple configure homepages in Chrome, no problem.

Click on Wrench icon, go to Options and then Basic. Just simply move mouse arrow on that homepage name which you want to delete. You will see a cross sign on right side of that name. Just click on that cross and the page will be deleted from the list of multiple home pages.

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  1. I’ve seen this. Unfortunately, this is only helpful when opening Chrome the first time. Hitting the home button will still only load one page.  Perhaps a better way would be to put the following java script as your home page:  javascript:(function(){ window.location.href=’http://www.youtwebsiteabc1.com’; window.open(‘http://www.youtwebsiteabc2.com’); window.open(‘http://youtwebsiteabc3.com/’);})();  Of course, you’ll swap out the dummy url’s for your own links.

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