Change Virtual Memory Size In Windows 7 To Help Physical Memory Performance

I did not understand what happened. I wrote this article and published it and then I found that there is nothing in the article and also nothing in the backups. It is so strange. I did not change any settings. Well, now I am just going to write very simple article and will not go in details.

Almost every operating system uses virtual memory. Virtual memory helps increasing the performance of computer. It is in fact some storage space on your hard disk which is being used by operating system as temporary memory like RAM.

Be default, Windows uses variable sized virtual memory. Because of non-fixed size virtual memory, it may possible that there would be some left over data which may effect the performance of your computer. Also, fixed size virtual memory increases the performance.

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Changing size of virtual memory is not very lengthy. Just a few small steps and virtual memory adjustment is done.

Go to Control Panel, click on System and Security. Then click on System and in the new opened window in left panel, click on Advanced System Settings. OR right click on Computer icon and go to Properties. Same window will open.

A new window will open. Under Advanced tab, In Performance section, click on Settings.

Again a new window will open. Go to Advanced tab and look at Virtual Memory section. There you will see a button Change. Just Click on it.

Finally, you are at the window where you can change the size of virtual memory. It is advised to use recommended size of virtual memory.

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The recommended size of virtual memory can be seen at the end of this newly opened window.

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