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Magix Music Maker Silver 17 is a ripped down version of Magix Music Maker Premium 17. It look likes that this is the version which we will find commonly on many websites as giveaway. The reason is Magix AG do not dare to do giveaway of its full product to general public in unlimited number so, we will always get ripped down versions and we have seen it before in case of Magix Photo Designer 7 and Magix Photo Manager 10.

I read Magix Music Maker Silver 17 promo in Murphy’s thread. I bookmarked it but forget to write about it. Few hours ago, Zsolt reminded me and I made a note to write it on ComputeLogy.com. As I am not a music personal, you will read what software vendor says about it.

Even people who have never picked up an instrument like the idea of creating music. While there is little to stop anyone learning to play guitar, piano or any other instrument, many people’s musical dreams are simply ignored. Thanks to the ease of use and surprising versatility of MAGIX Music Maker Silver, anyone with even the vaguest musical inclining can start to create something that is genuinely impressive.

This is the free version of MAGIX flagship music creation program, so it should come as no surprise that there are a few bits and pieces missing. Ultimately this boils down to fewer samples and loops to work with, but whether you use the program as it is, or decide to upgrade to a more advanced version, the Silver edition works as a great introduction to the software and gives you a great idea of what can be achieved.

While the Silver version of MAGIX Music Maker encourages user to upgrade to the Premium edition, it is still a very worthy program in its own right. You have four tracks to work with – which as any home musician will tell you, can be used to great effect – and there is a selection of samples that you can use in your musical creations by simply dragging them into place on the audio timeline.

Samples, or ‘soundpools’ as they are known, are available in three different style, and for each style there are a number of instruments to choose from – from hip hop bass and rock guitar to techno synths. Listen to a sample in the preview area and then start arranging your composition in the timeline – you also have the option of import music from CD, or recording your own samples with a microphone.

There are a number of special effects to choose from such as pitch shifting, reverb, echo and volume adjustment, each of which can be applied to samples on an individual basis. Completed audio tracks can be exported to a variety of formats including MP3, .ogg and .wav – take the program for a test drive and you may well be surprised at what you are able to produce.

IMPORTANT – Distribution & Serial Code

Distribution of MAGIX Music Maker Silver 17 has been authorized by MAGIX AG. Do not re-distribute. This software is not freeware. This download will be available until 31 July 2011.

You will need to register online to obtain the serial number needed to unlock the program. Follow the instructions within the application after installation.

You can access the promo on the following webpabe:


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