Almost all of you know about Brothersoft. Whenever you need a software to download, googling will always shows Brothersoft’s link in top 5  links but the only condition is the software should be hosted on Brothersoft download portal. Several times, when I was in need of an old version of some random software and the software was not available on its own site, I found it on Brothersoft. Almost all known and unknown software, which are publically available as shareware or freeware, can be downloaded from Brothersoft. We can say Brothersoft is 2nd home for software.

The reason to write this article is that Brothersoft team has added ComputeLogy in their useful links list. It is an honor for ComputeLogy. I will not say that ComputeLogy is very famous blog and that’s why they have to add it in their useful links list rather I will say that because of you (ComputeLogy readers) they found it important to add ComputeLogy in their useful links list. I wanna congratulate you on this big pace because you are the main power for this action. I also want to give my regards to Wendy who took pace on behalf of Brothersoft management to add ComputeLogy. The links list can be found here:

I thought; I should write a short review about Brothersoft and its sub-tasks. You friends already know the main task of Brothersoft that they are already helping us to provide a software download portal where we can find almost all known and unknown, shareware and freeware, publically available software with their high speed servers. Besides being a software download portal, Brothersoft has a giveaway site named Brothergiveaway and a portal named SoftBuy where different software are available at very cheap prices at almost 90% discount.


Yes, you understood correctly that this a giveaway site created by Brothersoft. There are few giveaway sites which normally have 24hrs promo time but unlikely on Brothersoft the giveaway time is almost three days means 72hrs which is three times more. As this is a very new Giveaway web-site, better to say BrotherGiveaway is a Breeze to giveaways…, it does not have very big names in giveaway except today’s giveaway: Paragon Backup & Recovery 10 Home SE. Though they could not have very big names in giveaway but they do have very useful software as giveaway regarding PC maintenance, Audio Video Editors, etc. I can write over thousands word article on Brothergiveaway but I want you to explore it by yourself. You can access it here:


Along with Brothersoft Giveaway site, SoftBuy is really a cool addition to software merchandising industry. As you know, I normally, do not write about software and websites which deal in shareware but on Softbuy, the deals are so wonderful that I am forced to write a bit about it. Can you imagine that high quality useful software are available on 70% to 90% discount? On SoftBuy it is possible. For example today’s offer is WinX DVD Author which is available on less than $1. Normally, 70% to 90% discount is only available when you buy license package of a software but SoftBuy has stepped forward and brought the same deals to buy single license and there is no restriction at all to use. You can use the software for personal as well as professional use. The software are being offered for Windows and Mac  along with games. Well, I will say that SoftBuy is the cheapest portal to buy software for personal as well as professional use.

There is only one problem that all the software are not available on discounts all the times. The discounts are offered for a limited time only. So you need to check the site frequently that their might be a software which you need. One thing which I have missed on the site that I could not find any schedule for upcoming software. This means you can not know what will be the future deal. It could be better if we knew the upcoming deals. You can see deals here:

One thing which I think I should share that I have been confirmed that there will not be same software on BrotherGiveaway and SoftBuy, ever.


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