Winners of Giveaway – 11 : 50 Licenses of WinX DVD Ripper Platinum V5.xx [Updated]

Update: WinX DVD Ripper Platinum V5.xx licenses have been eMailed to winners. If you are winner and have not received your license, please comment or contact to let me know.

Friends, this is the time to announce the winners of Gvieaway – 11 : 50 Licenses of WinX DVD Ripper Platinum V5.xx. But before announcing winners, few others words about somethin’ somethin’.
I am very thankful to Sophia (Digiarty Software, Inc. team member) who offered 50 Licenses of WinX DVD Ripper Platinum V5.xx to COMPUTELOGY readers. Because of this offer, I was able to held this Giveaway 11. Thanks to Sophia and Digiarty Software, Inc for such a great Giveaway. 

You participated or not, you can find more info on Win X DVD Ripper Platinum V5.xx on the following web address:

In this article, I am introducing a new term C-Loggers (COMPUTELOGY Readers). In future articles, I will use C-Loggers.
The responsive comments to Gvieaway – 11 : 50 Licenses of WinX DVD Ripper Platinum V5.xx are far less than traffic to COMPUTELOGY along with unexpectedly huge amount of spam. I had to manage over 200 spam comments. I knew this it would happened that’s why I warned in my previous article to not to spam, you will be caught.
More responsive comments will encourage me to have more Giveaways for C-Loggers. This time, I changed participation rules just to make the participation bit easier. Even though, I did not have much comments, I will follow these new rules and soon you will find that nowhere  Giveaway contest has such easy participation rules. What you have to do? Just a comment and nothing else. Neither you were asked to subscribe nor to Tweet or post on Facebook. The only thing is to comment to Giveaway. Of course, If you will not comment, I can never know your interest. Go ahead and check Giveaways on some other friends blogs, you will never find any Giveaway which is not asking you to comment and Tweet/facebook,
There could be some possible reasons for less usage of WinX DVD Ripper Platinum among C-Logger.
1: Not may C-Loggers  buy protected discs.
2: code protected discs along with other discs are available in C-Loggers local area and he/she is using not-protected copies of discs
3: C-Loggers may use alternative freebies. But friends, there are always differences between commercial software and freeware.
I have a surprise for Gvieaway – 11 : 50 Licenses of WinX DVD Ripper Platinum V5.xx participants. I will describe it soon.
Winners are
There were 62 participants for 50 licenses WinX DVD Ripper Platinum V5.xx. It was already decided that you will receive your licenses directly from Digiarty Software, Inc. But now, at the moment, the rule is changed. I have to send licenses to winners by myself. This will be a small headache. You will receive your license from COMPUTELOGY.
It will take almost 7 days to eMail licenses to winners and I have to do all of this by myself. So, please, have patience.
I was allowed to distribute 50 Licenses but for the sake of C-Loggers, I am send licenses to all 62 participants. I am sorry to Sophia and Digiarty Software, Inc. that I am sending licenses to 62 instead of 50 as promised. 

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C-Loggers, please, Give me one week to dispatch all licenses.

Enjoy it:
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0 thoughts on “Winners of Giveaway – 11 : 50 Licenses of WinX DVD Ripper Platinum V5.xx [Updated]

  1. I agree on this, the traffic is by far more than 62 humans. Still, this might be a lesson on how to win something. First of all you have to try. I tried an I would like to think that I was the 51 st one on the drawing. My luck lies in trying though.
    Thank you computelogy

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  2. Thanks Computelogy. WinX DVDripper Platium is certainly the best dvdripper around for the moment. It blows away Wondershare dvdripper, both in time needed and output quality.

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    1. Hi Suetonius,
      I will send your license within 24 hours. It was my mistake. I could not send your license. But you are also contacting me very late. Was everything OK?

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  3. Thanks a lot. I've received my license. Contacted you so late because I thought I would get an email from you without asking for. Anyway I'm ok and happy to have won. Thanks.

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