Winners Giveaway 14: 100x SafeBit Disk Encryption Lifetime Licenses

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Hi Friends,

Thank you for your participation in Giveaway 14: 100x SafeBit Disk Encryption Lifetime Licenses. Your interest was more than in the past. But we could not get enough participants to have some competition. No problem. So far who have participated, they will be delivered the licenses within next 10 days. There are 18 licenses left behind. If you have not taken part in Giveaway 14: 100x SafeBit Disk Encryption Lifetime Licenses, Do it now. Read more about it at the end of this article.

We are thankful to Adrian Gheara from that he honored us 100x Lifetime Licenses of SafeBit Disk Encryption and it was our pleasure to have such high quality software giveaway. SafeBit Disk Encryption 1.8 is featured giveaway in Computer Shopper magazine in December 2010 edition. If you guys read Computer Shopper, you will know how good this mag is. It was honor that a Computer Shopper‘s featured software was given away to ComputeLogy readers. Read more about SafeBit Disk Encryption here:

This was the first time that we have had SafeBit in our giveaway list. I hope to have it again as Giveaway but it is not possible without your cooperation. I am sure some of you have already installed it and using for data encryption. So, if you would like to share your comments on SafeBit, like some feature and/or drawback, some request for missing feature, you can comment here.

100x SafeBit Disk Encryption Lifetime Licenses contest is over. No more wait that who will win the contest. There were only 82 participants for 100x licenses. So, every participant has won a lifetime licenses of SafeBit Disk Encryption. I congratulate to Winners of Giveaway 14: 100x SafeBit Disk Encryption Lifetime Licenses. This is a full featured personal use license with some conditions. These conditions will effect the usage of SafeBit.

  • This is a personal use license.
  • This is a valid lifetime license for SafeBit Disk Encryption 1.8.
  • A license must be activated online.
  • Any license released to public will be ceased and will not work.
  • A license has 3 activation in one year. Any more activation can be done on personal request to SafeBit through contact form.
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So, during registration, do not forget to write your eMail address otherwise you will not be able to get your license reactivated after three activation expiration. If you have any question about license validity, you can comment here.

Please, allow me 10 days to deliver SafeBit Disk Encryption licenses to winners. If you do not receive license till November 11, 2010. let us know. You will receive licenses from ComputeLogy@.

Remaining 18x SafeBit Disk Encryption Lifetime Licenses

I am left with 18 licenses. I must have bit difficult participation but still no hard rules for remaining licenses, first come first serve. Comment on GiveAway 14: 100x SafeBit Disk Encryption Lifetime Licenses and Win.

Once again thanks to Adrian Gheara for his cooperation. And you guys should participate more to have more giveaways.

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  1. Hi Perti, thank you for this great giveaway. I would like to suggest oneimprovement. It would be great if the program would have a portable version so you could open your files on a different computer. This would be the case with the USB safe.
    thank you

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  2. Hi, I am one of the 84 who responded and I look forward to receiving my license. If there are spare licenses please can I obtain one or two more to give to tech orientated friends that would be awesome! Thanks!

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    1. Hi Lee Garber! thank you for your participation. I am sorry, I can not provide licenses to those who have not participated. I do not have difficult terms to participate. A single comment may let you win one precious security license. Please, accept my apologies in this case.

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