Uninstall BullGuard Mobile Security 10 From Nokia N8

Let’s welcome Katrine from BullGuard. She has commented (comment#1 n comment#2) about the compatibility issue between Nokia N8 and BullGuard Mobile Security.  It is very important comment and you must read it.

I do like these new smartphones but I do not have one. Might be I do not wanna buy because a bit old models can work for me as I want. Let’s see if I buy any new smart phone.

Few days back, one of my friends bought Nokia N8 running Symbian OS. It is a smart looking but heavy weight machine. I like its design. Well, my friend wanted to protect  her mobile from viruses and hackers. She installed BullGuard Mobile Security 10. Oh yea! I do remember that recently, there was a promo of BullGuard Mobile Security 10 offered for smart phones running Android, Symbian, Windows or Blackberry machine. I could not write about this promo but I wrote about F-Secure Mobile Security Six Months License.

For few days, her mobile worked well and she surfed Internet through her mobile fearlessly. Each installed application and every function was working fine. I saw her bit excited about Nokia N8. And suddenly something gone wrong. The mobile started malfunctioning.

In fact, BullGuard Mobile Security started busting her mobile. As I am not techy in mobile field, still I do not understand why it happened. Whenever she tried to open any application, BullGuard came in front. She wanted to take some photos using N8 camera, oh red screen came out from nowhere showing BullGuard Mobile Security. She had to turn her mobile off and then on to get rid of red screen. BullGuard Mobile Security was making her face.

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She called me for help. I took her mobile and notice that mobile was behaving worst. During the checkup, it froze many times. At the launch of any application, BullGuard Mobile Security launched. Many times the screen blacked out and sometime the N8 turned off automatically. I turned BullGuard protection off but all in vain. I quited it but still no help.

I stopped exploring Nokia N8 through its interface and tried to use Nokia Ovi Suite. Whenever I tried to make a connection between computer and N8, BullGuard Mobile Security did not let it happened. Now BullGuard Mobile Security was pissing me off. I was near to burst that I got a click. I think that was a foolish idea but that worked.

I turned Nokia N8 off and removed the mobile SIM card. Turned it on and went to installed applications folder. WoW! I was not interrupted at any step by BullGuard Mobile Security. This means if you do not have any SIM card inside your N8, BullGuard works fine. Just kidding. I simply uninstalled BullGuard from N8 and restarted it. It started working fine and every feature was working what that was designed for.

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I still do not believe that removing SIM card was helpful in uninstalling BullGuard Mobile Security 10 from Nokia N8 but this idea worked. I do not remember any other action which helped me in uninstalling it.

I installed F-Secure Mobile Security into Nokia N8 and many hours have been passed, it is working fine. I will update this article if any thing happens to N8 when using F-Secure Mobile Security.

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0 thoughts on “Uninstall BullGuard Mobile Security 10 From Nokia N8

  1. Hi

    Thank you for your interest in BullGuard Mobile Security. Unfortunately, BullGuard doesn’t run on Nokia N8, which explains your bad experience. The platforms (see below) are listed on our product description pages (http://www.bullguard.com/why/bullguard-mobile-security-10.aspx), and since reading your comment, we’ve made the information on our download page more specific.

    BullGuard runs on:

    Android: 2.0 and higher
    Symbian: Series 60, 3rd edition and 5th edition on Nokia devices
    Windows Mobile: 6.0/6.1/6.5
    Blackberry: 4.2 and higher

    Kind regards,

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    1. Hello Katrine,
      This means the one, who has N8 and installed BullGuard to protect N8, should wait a few more months to be protected. Think of it who got it in promo will not be able to use BullGuard for full one year.
      Best Regards,

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  2. Superb blog page! I truly delight in how it is elementary on my eyes also since the information and facts and facts are effectively created. I’m wondering how I may be notified whenever a new publish has become made. I have subscribed for your rss feed which will need to complete the trick! Possess a superior day!

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  3. I’m so confused.

    I just received a nokia n8 as a present and when i turned it on, i was brought to a mobile security screen. I tried 1234 and 12345 to no avail. Help.

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    1. If you got box-packed, there can not be any security screen asking for code to open it. If it is not new, you need to ask who gave you gift. Tell us in detail. We may help you.

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  4. Thanks, you saved me from going mad, removed my sim card and was finally able to get to my applications list. No thanks to the Geek Squad that set me up with it in the first place.

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