Norton AntiVirus 2011 Free For Six Months In All Languages

Update: CLICK HERE to read updated article about Get Free Norton AntiVirus 2012 Genuine Six Months License In All Languages. I am republishing this article. Because of an incident, we lost few contents and this article was one among lost.

It is long time since we have shared a really valuable virtual protection for PC and now we got Norton AntiVirus 2011 Free for SIX months. I would have posted it 3 days ago but unfortunately my acer 8920G deceived me at last moment. I could not understand what was the problem. I have to sent it for warranty. My whole work done is lost. Today, again I got some time and moved to Dell Inspiron 6400, a 4 years old computer. It is still working fine and has never deceived me.

Getting Norton AntiVirus 2011 is bit lengthy process but not difficult. You will get full pictorial, so do not worry. You just need to have patience. One more thing, Comodo Firewall Free is best combination with Norton AntiVirus 2011. Might be in this week the released v5. I am using it. Works perfect but no WiFi protection.

Let’s go back to Norton AntiVirus 2011. Read steps carefully.

1: Open the following web address into your browser and create your Norton account.

2: Download Norton AntiVirus 2011 and Norton AntiVirus 2009.

Norton AntiVirus 2009

Norton AntiVirus 2011

3: Install NAV 2009. When you will start installation of NAV 2009, you will see picture 1. Click on big black button as guided.

4: Now let NAV 2009 isntall itself. After installation, open main NAV window and click on Norton Account. Follow picture 2.

6: In new window enter your eMail and press black button Weiter. The eMail should be the one which is used to register Norton web account in step 1. Picture 3.

7: Now enter your password (from step 1) and click black button ANMELDEN (picture 4).

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You are done now. Your NAV 2009 is registerd. Take some rest and after few minutes check your Norton Web Account, you will have Six Months Trial License (Product key) for Norton AntiVirus (picture 5). Copy the license and save it locally.

Let’s go to Norton AntiVirus 2011. Do not uninstall NAV 2009. It is just time waisting. Start installation of NAV 2011. It will automatically remove NAV 2009.  Follow on screen instructions by NAV 2011. I suppose you have installed NAV 2011.

8: Open main window of NAV 2011 and click on small written Subscribe. Follow picture 6.

9: In the new window (picture 7) enter your license, activate it and close the window. Now you have 180 days of Norton AntiVirus 2011. Enjoy it.

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