Hotmail Lets You Consolidate Your Other eMail Accounts…!

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It looks like Microsoft is taking Hotmail business bit seriously. They have enriched Hotmail with some new features and enhanced others over time. There is a simple reason behind this improvements. Other competitors like GMail and Yahoo are way ahead. Now after a longtime Microsoft took it seriously and they are working on Hotmail. One feature is Hotmail Lets You Consolidate Your Other eMail Accounts just like GMail which has provided this feature a longtime ago. Well, not just Hotmail but and has the same features.

The benefit of this consolidation is you can send eMail from any consolidated eMail. This means, your Hotmail account will not show up but the one from which you have sent email. This consolidation will not kill your consolidated account.

This is a long pictorial but not difficult. Every step is clearly shown below. I suppose you have Hotmail account.

After signing in your Hotmail account, click on Options and then on More Options. You will be at eMail options page.

Click on Sending/Receiving eMail from other accounts. A new webpage in the same window will open.

At the bottom of page, you will see Add an other account to send mail from.

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The webpage will be refreshed and you will see a text input field asking you to enter eMail which you want to consolidate. Enter eMail and press button Send verification eMail.

Page will be refreshed and you will see Waiting for verification.

After few minutes, check your other eMail where you have sent verification eMail. Click on the link to verify your Hotmail request.

Now refresh your Hotmail account page and you will see that your other eMail account has been consolidated (verified).

When you will want to send new eMail, you can check your consolidated eMail in Sent section (Inbox->Sent).

That’s all. You have done it and now you are able to send eMail from other accounts using your Hotmail account.

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