Harvest Software n Discount Voucher in iSkysoft Thanksgiving Farm Value $100

I was taking my coffee and checking eMails and I found one eMail from iSkysoft for an offer to ComputeLogy readers. After reading eMail, I just wanted to check my one previous article about iSkysoft Halloween gift. I opened that gift page and found a new promo-farm. In that form, different software and discount vouchers are hidden which are valued almost $100.

This Thanksgiving Farm contains software for both Windows and Mac systems. There are no third party software being offered. You will find DVD Creator for Windows and Mac, iPhone Video Converter, DVD to iPhone Converter, etc. You will find just from iSkysoft release. Discount vouchers are of $5, $10, $15 which will work just for shopping at iSkysoft shop. This means, you can not use those vouchers to buy anything other than iSkysoft products.

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I have full snapshot of the farm and marked with arrows where you can find you hidden gifts. You can find Thanksgiving Farm at the following web address:


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