Get Free CyberLink DVD Suite 7 Centra [Updated]

Update : There are 10,000 more licenses of CyberLink DVD Suite 7 Centra available. Please, read Update at the end of article.

I just came back after attending project meeting and opened my email box. There was GrannyK's comment informing me about the new live (or reload) of previously told promotion of Get Free CyberLink DVD Suite 7 Centra. In old promo they gave away 29,000 licenses. And after publishing the previous article, the promo could not run for 24 hours and was ended within 18 hours (truth is it was ended quite earlier. 18 hours is just when I checked 2nd time). Thank You GrannyK for the new info. This new promo is alive and Let's Grab It.


Grab It:

The new promo is at the same site and same page. The new thing is you have new promo code. It looks like it is from T-Mobile. I am not sure exactly who is offering it but it is at the same page. It shows Adventskalender in URL.

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If you have created your account at, it is well and good. If not, read my previous article about Get Free CyberLink DVD Suite 7 Centra where you can know how to create an account at

1: Open the following URL into your browser (URL copy n paste). Click on Vollversion Kaufen as mentioned in P1. This is CyberLink DVD Suite 7 Centra promo URL.



2: At this step you will be asked to enter the promo code SWLXmasDfGG27vbs. Shown in the following snap:

After this, you will see that price is reduced to 0.00. Shown in the snap below:

3: You will be directed to new page containing your license info and download page. Shown in snap below:



You Grabbed it again.

Promo page can be found here:

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PC Plus is giving away 10000 licenses of CyberLink DVD Suite 7 Centra. Do not miss it.

You should know that you will need your account (it is free) at I suppose that you have your account. But if you do not have, first create it here:

Open the following web address into your browser. The web page is in English but for your convenience, I will mark snaps where will be needed. The promo-code is PCPlus2010SWL.




When you will be logged in, you can find the following snapped-info on right upper corner.

Enjoy it.


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