Get Free Magix Xtreme PhotoStory on CD & DVD 8 Deluxe

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Many of you are aware of Magix software. Magix has created a number of marvelous software in the line of graphics and media. Other than this they also have PC maintenance software. Well, I am not talking about those ones. Here you can have the chance to Get Free Magix Xtreme PhotoStory on CD & DVD 8 Deluxe. It is not the latest but it is not the one which should let go without noticing. 


You may have read about "MAGIX Fotos auf CD & DVD 8 deluxe" (basically German promo) on some non-English sites. I did not run into race to publish it first even though I have had it since 5 days. I waited to find an appropriate English installer. Now I have it. 

MAGIX Xtreme PhotoStory on CD & DVD 8 deluxe will help you teach your photos to walk – or even better, how to dance. With this software, your photos will become the star of an impressive multimedia show, and you're the director! Enjoy your photos together with your family and friends on TV or on your PC. Play your pictures just like a feature film with great fades and effects as well as narration and subtitles. Add intros and outros, or invent your own closing credits. In other words, turn your living room into a cinema! Create attractive DVD menus that match the format of your slideshow: 4:3 or 16:9 for wide-screen TVs & monitors. Burn your slideshow together with a high-quality menu onto a playable DVD, CD-ROM, Video CD, Super Video CD, miniDVD, JPEG disc, TV Showtime DVD, multi-disc, or Blu-ray Disc. The printed manual is only a brief introduction to the software. You can find detailed documentation as a PDF in the start menu of your MAGIX product. The electronic manual can be opened using the "F1" key to provide a more detailed explanation of the options, dialog boxes, menus, and program interface. Program help and the PDF manual will even guide you through the jungle of the process of formatting blank discs, DVDs, Video CDs, High Definition slideshows, etc. Have fun with MAGIX Xtreme PhotoStory on CD & DVD 8 deluxe!


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Get Free:

This is a PC Welt promo open for everybody in the world of Internet.

First of all, you need to have your login at If you already have account, just go to step 1. I suppose that you have already logged into your account. If you need help to create it, follow the instructions in the following snap and create your account here:

1: Open the following web address into your browser and click where you have been advised in snap 1. You will be directed to new web page.

2: On the next page, use promo-code Softwareload2010 and follow snap 2 for guidance.

3:  After submitting promo-code, you will be directed to a new web page shown snap 3. Just follow the arrow.

Now you will be at the page where you can see your license. Copy your license from there but do not download it because the installer is in German and program interface is also in German.

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4: Download it from the following address and use the license to activate your copy of Magix Xtreme PhotoStory on CD & DVD 8 Deluxe.

The original promo can be found here:

Enjoy one more fine software.

Note: You may not be able to get updates because the license is for German installer.

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