Get Free Abelssoft JetDrive 2009 Professional (Save $30)

With the passage of time Windows operating systems become slow. Their ability to read and write from and on hard disk works like snail. Programs do not run and work as quickly as should be. The reason is files and programs are fragmented and spread over different parts of the drive. On the other hand you also see that Windows registry is full of useless entries and values. The main reason was you installed and uninstalled software previously.
Sometime you may get anger like me and slap your computer but this is not the solution. Internet is full of solutions for such problem. These solutions can be bought as well as can also be obtained free of cost in shape of promos and freeware. Solutions mean software.
Abelssoft JetDrive 2009 is one solution among many others. It can defragment your hard disk and will arrange all the fragmented parts of files and/or programs that these can run and work quickly. It will also look after registry so that it will not become home of useless entries. It can tell you the basic stats of any drive installed into your computer on request.
Reasons to Have It:
1. Better and faster Defragmentation-Algorithm
JetDrive has a special algorithm, which isn´t only faster, but even more effective.

With JetSmart you drive can be defragmented up to 20% more effective! JetDrive 2009 uses the JetSmart as it’s standard defragmentation technology now.
The Windows Defragmentation only offers one defragmentation-option.3.Intelligent Features
You don´t want o miss our new product range with intelligent features and newly tools.4.FolderVisualizer
We deliver not only a software for defragmentation, but give you all the tools to keep your drives clean. With the FolderVisualizer you can free space on your disks and speed up the defragmentation process.5.TempCleaner
Your Windows-Tempfolders will be cleaned before every defragmentation. So you not only defragment you drive, but also free it from unneded files. This also accelerates the defragmentation process and makes it more effective.6.Defragment protected Windows files
Windows uses several protected files to work, which cannot be defragmented under normal circumstances. JetDrive is able to defragment these files before Windows starts. Accelerate your Windows even more this way.7.Registry Defrag
JetDrive is also able to defragment your Windows Registry. The Registry is very fragile for a strong defragmentation. Our Registry Defrag-Tool hleps you to keep it in an unfragmented state.8.DriveCheck
You can check your drives at any time by one simple click. If JetDrive finds errors in your filesystem, it repairs them and so brings you drive in a consistent state.9.AbEasy-Technology
We simply offer the nicer and better user interface. We make the usability simple. Thanks to our AbEasy-Technology.
For example JetDrive is able to defragment your drives and Registry and to turn off your compute afterwards. There is no need to wait for your computer!

Personally, If you have CCleaner and Defraggler along with any Free System Stats Viewer tool, I do not think you need it. But still if you like, you can get it free. Below is a small procedure.
Get Free:

Last month I shared how you can Get Free Abelssoft WashAndGo 2008. The steps were very simple. Same is here. You just need to download JetDrive 2009 and install it. Simple is this. For your convenience, I am writing the whole procedure again to save your time.

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This is an old promotion which is still valid.

1: Open the following webaddress into your browser. Click on the link as directed in snap XX. Your download will start in a few seconds. Save the installer.

(URL copy n paste)

2: After installation, run the program. A window named Abelssoft – Free Registration will open (Snap P2). Fill with your EMail and name. Finally press button Get Free Unlock Code Now. You should allow it to connect Internet. Do not close this window after sending request for free code. Keep in mind, no browser window will open at this step.

3: After few seconds a new window will open telling you about sent personal code into your email. Close this message and check email. Message is shown below:

4: Check your email. You will have your 11 digits code in the Email sent by Abelssoft Gmbh. Enter it at its place in window shown in Snap P2 (step 2) and press button Unlock Now.

Enjoy it.

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